Catching Up – Dry White Toast Edition

· Here are the highlights from the Missouri game. As I watch these again, I can’t help but be impressed with the youth we played on the offensive line, with a freshman, three sophomores and a junior taking the majority of the snaps.

· In BlogPoll news my vote once again garnered Mr. Numb Existence recognition for most closely resembling the poll at large. MGoBlog’s Brian had this to say:

“Mr. Numb Existence is once again Double Extra Point for the third time this season. The voting equivalent of dry white toast, it should come as no surprise that DEP is a Nebraska blog.”

· Burnt Orange Nation takes a look under the hood of Rutgers. This was nice to see as I now know a lot more about the Scarlet Knights headed into tonight’s big game.

· A piece in the Denver Post (thanks Dad) says the Big 12 must change its ways or risk slipping into obscurity. You have to admit the South has certainly been flexing its muscles as of late. In fact, over the last three seasons the North’s record against teams from the South is 13-41. But look at the all-time Big 12 Championship Games:

1996 (3) Nebraska 27 Texas 37
1997 (2) Nebraska 54 (14) Texas A&M 15
1998 (2) Kansas St 33 (10) Texas A&M 36
1999 (2) Nebraska 22 (12) Texas 6
2000 (8) Kansas St 24 (1) Oklahoma 27
2001 (9) Colorado 39 (3) Texas 37
2002 (12) Colorado 7 (8) Oklahoma 29
2003 (15) Kansas State 35 (1) Oklahoma 7
2004 Colorado 3 (2) Oklahoma 42
2005 Colorado 3 (2) Texas 70

So in overall conference championships the South leads just 6-4. Outside of horrific recent performances by Colorado, that doesn’t really seem like a conference in peril to me. At least not yet.

· Finally, Dan McCarney stepped down as coach of the Iowa State Cyclones last night. McCarney compiled a record of just 25-61 against Big 12 competition during his tenure. In demonstrating their Husker-centrism many Nebraska fans are already mentioning Bo Pelini and Frank Solich as possible replacements. Um, you do realize there are viable coaches out there who didn’t coach at NU, right?


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