Congrats Zac

As you have no doubt heard by now Zac Taylor was named the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year by both the coaches and the media. I suppose the honor from the coaches might be more meaningful, given one anonymous Big 12 coach said the following in the preseason:

“Zac Taylor is not a great quarterback, but he’s all right.”

Taylor becomes just the second NU player to earn the honor joining two-time winner Eric Crouch (1999, 2001).

I was bored and did a little comparison of the two QBs in terms of the percentage of the team’s total offense each was responsible for during the 2001 and 2006 seasons.

Player Rushing Passing Total Percentage
Eric Crouch 1115 1510 2625 48.5
Zac Taylor -43 2789 2746 52.7

Random Note – A google image search for Zac Taylor produces a plethora of pictures of him either being sacked or under a heavy pass rush. Perhaps that is indicative of just how deserving he is of this award.


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