Totally Nutts!

On Monday Houston Nutt lost his offensive coordinator, when Gus Malzahn left for greener pastures and the same position with Tulsa. Nutt’s week got worse on Tuesday when former prep-phenom QB Mitch Mustain asked for and received his release from the university. You might remember that Malzahn was Mustain’s high school coach and was offered the offensive coordinator job during Nutt’s courtship of Mustain. The exodus from Fayetteville also includes WR Damian Williams who transferred in December.

The mass departure seems to stem from unhappiness with the way Nutt was running the team. Malzahn was apparently upset after being told that his role with the team would change and he would be forced to share the offensive coordinator spot with quarterbacks coach David Lee. Mustain and Williams were upset about the offensive system that was being run by the Hogs. The high school teammates’ parents (including Mustain’s mother Beck Campbell)met with Athletic Director Frank Broyles during the season to protest that the Arkansas offense failed to resemble that which was run by Malzahn at Springdale High.

Wow, this production makes the Harrison Beck/Evelyn Beck-Bothwell fiasco this August in Lincoln, look a lot less melodramatic.


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