Press Conference Notes

I had a terrible video connection, but here is what I could pick up from the morning press conference:

· Corey McKeon stressed the defense would utilize a lot of new looks in 2007. These are designed to get the right guys for the right situation on the field.

· One look could involve Phillip Dillard lining up at NT(!) I’m thinking McKeon meant that Dillard could go in for the NT on passing downs, but I’m not sure.

· Clayton Sievers has the type of versatility that will allow different looks with his ability to line up at DE and OLB.

· Joe Ganz discussed that Zac Taylor will have a volunteer role helping to instruct the QBs. He joked that he now calls him Coach Taylor.

· Barry Turner is up to 270 pounds. That’s a lot of size to add when rehabbing from a shoulder injury.

· Barry Turner called Suh the “strongest guy in the world”.

· Suh then explained that he and Octavien lift together and Octavien maxes out on the bench at 455.

· Keller talks like the starting QB. Says coming to Nebraska was a great decision, even if he doesn’t start. Says he is ready to “go out there and beat someone with his teammates”.

That seemed to be the major points from today.


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