Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That…

The irrepressible Boi from Troy has finally released his long awaited Tops’ 25: College Football’s Hottest Men. Nebraska fans will find their Midwestern values shaken by the inclusion of Sam Keller at #13.

Boi had this to say:

13. Sam Keller, University of Nebraska at Lincoln: Formerly an Arizona State Sun Devil, Keller will try to make a Pac Ten imprint on the Big XII that is something other than an “L” on the standings.


Right behind Keller on the list is Iowa’s Adam Shada, a Millard North graduate who escaped to the dismal side of the river.

Changing the Tunnel Walk and a list of college football’s most gay-licious mens in the same week? Stop this world, Walt and Ethel in Section 34 of Memorial Stadium most definitely want to get off.

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