One quick note from the DXP Pick ‘Em contest …

Brandon Vogel from the great Hi Plains Drifter is dominating not only our DXP pick ‘em contest, but rather every college football fan as well. He is currently ranked ahead of everyone who dared to challenge him at Well done – you told me that I would have to hit 70% to beat you, but come on, now we are all gunning for 99.9% to have a chance. Here is the top 10 list from the first 2 weeks….

1. HiPlainsDrifter: 100%
2. Jeffie Husker: 99.3%
3. Siffring: 97.9%
4. Timmy Rose: 97.9%
5. Sammy Vegas: 96.9%
6. TX Cornhead: 95.8%
7. Thiele: 94.6%
8. justmp: 91.5%
9. Mead: 89.6%
10. Fish-Slapping Dance: 87.5%

This obviously shows why we are the most knowledgeable fans in the country. Note – The percentages indicate where we rank nationally in the contest and not how many games we have hit.

HiPlainsDrifter… this one is for you. You earned it.


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