Who knows if we’ll see Joe Ganz running the option on Saturday, but certainly his first career start gives Husker fans another reason to tune in.

When asked about his mobility earlier in the week, Ganz said:

“If nothing’s open, I’m not going to throw it out of bounds. I’m not going to throw it away. I just want to get the ball north and south.”

I really think that could add a nice dimension, especially come 3rd and 2. Honestly if there is a worse team when facing that down and distance nationally, I’d be shocked. I’m hoping with Ganz at the helm, Callahan will roll him out with a tightend as an option in the flat. Make the linebackers commit and throw over them, or simply tuck the ball and head to the stick. I mean let’s face it, Callahan isn’t going to have us running ball on 3rd and 2…ever. And no, I don’t know why.

On a related note, Ganz has apparently been putting in work in the film room and seems to be taking his new role seriously.

“(He’s been) concentrated, detailed,” Husker coach Bill Callahan said. “That’s how I would describe it, just based on him living up in the office all week. He’s been around every single minute. He’s just poured a ton of time into this preparation so you know it’s important to him.”

I just hope much of his preparation is focused on throwing away from Aqib Talib.


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