More on Ganz and Saturday

Joe Ganz played flawlessly on Saturday and in fact turned in the 8th highest passing yardage total in 2007. The performance of Ganz certainly raises some interesting questions.

· Was Ganz clearly the best quarterback on the team all season?

· Was all the coach-speak about a QB battle in the fall more than just coach-speak?

· Did Callahan sell his soul to get Keller here? Will that ultimately cost him his livelihood?

· Were these receivers running open all season? Could Keller simply not find them?

· Is anybody else wondering if there are other backups who also should have been on the field all season?

· If Keller doesn’t show up in Lincoln and Ganz started all of 2007, but struggled until the 10th or 11th game before things clicked, would you have been satisfied with 6-6 knowing Ganz would return along with Callahan in 2008?

· Are we seeing better pass protection or better pocket awareness and more nimble feet?

· Despite what is likely to occur is there anyone else who would have really loved to see Patrick Witt in this offense as a fifth-year senior?

· Oh, and can Meno Holt become the next Maurice Purify?


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