A Letter to Husker Nation from Dr. D

Dr. D has been a little busy tagging 19-year-olds with academic pursuits, but here is his most recent DXP offering.

Dear Nebraska,

My cause for writing is that I believe Husker Nation is at a pivotal point in its history. Nebraska’s recent on-field struggles have definitely taken their toll on the collective esteem of Nebraska fans around the world. Nebraska fans’ discontent has grown vociferous enough to label us as the “best fair-weather fans in America”. As a fan living outside of the microscope, I still follow with great interest matters large and small with Big Red. Although I left the state after graduation, I still hold my Nebraska identity in high regard. I was fortunate enough to grow up in Lincoln and fully experience the 60-3 run of the mid-90’s. And, after leaving the state in 1999, I’ve been forced to re-evaluate my loyalty with NU time and time again living in the heart of Big 10 country. I have never once been ashamed to wear the Scarlet and Cream. I invariably argue to Husker-haters that Nebraska fans are different; Who else has sold out over 250 straight games?; Nebraska fans expect excellence, but are gracious in defeat. A tradition that sets NU apart is the standing ovation given to opposing players as they leave the field for a game well played—regardless of who won. Husker fans are quick to recognize holding, fumbles and illegal procedures. I recall national commentators calling NU fans the most knowledgeable in college football—and NU fans retorting with their own wit—the ‘N” on our helmets represented Knowledge. Callahan has failed us, but we shouldn’t dwell on obvious matters. We are Nebraska—a state isolated from resource and strategic advantages, but nonetheless one that has produced some of the best football this country has ever known. Far be it from me to ‘cut and run’—I plan on relishing the next Husker national title knowing I never lost the faith all along. Ask yourself: Are you ‘N’ as well? Go Big Red!

So let us all bury the venom and negativity and see what happens for the last game (or two). Let’s beat Colorado and then pack our bags for Shreveport. I hear the mid-Southern plains are breath-taking in late December.

Dr. D.


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