BlogPoll Ballot Draft

Rank Team Delta
1 LSU 2
2 Oregon
3 Kansas 3
4 Oklahoma
5 Missouri
6 Ohio State 5
7 West Virginia
8 Arizona State 1
9 Georgia 1
10 Southern Cal 2
11 Texas 6
12 Florida 3
13 Virginia Tech
14 Clemson 5
15 Virginia 6
16 Boston College 8
17 Boise State 1
18 Illinois 8
19 Tennessee 4
20 Cincinnati 6
21 Connecticut 7
22 Hawaii 2
23 Kentucky 2
24 Brigham Young 2
25 Wisconsin 1

Dropped Out: Michigan (#11), Auburn (#16), Alabama (#22), California (#24).

I’m of the school of thought that if Kansas wins out they should be and will be in the BCS title game. Until then, it is tough to ignore their nonconference slate and the fact that they miss OU and Texas. LSU and Oregon are a toss up, but I like LSU’s defense so they have the top spot. USC is a sneaky two-loss team. The shine is certainly off the Trojans, but I have a hard time naming 10 teams I’d less like to play. From about #11 on, your guess is as good as mine. Some teams seem to be improving, while others are fading. But teasing out which teams are better will probably have to wait until bowl season.

Anyway, let’s hear some feedback.


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