Well, That’s Over

An ugly season ended in predictable fashion on Friday and Callahan was ousted on Saturday morning.

I slept through the press conference and only learned Callahan had been officially fired when the computer I was using while out of town opened to the headline on the Yahoo! homepage.

I’ve stayed out of the coaching search speculation simply because I’m leery. No candidate really knocks my socks off. In my minds eye I really have a hard time picturing most of them standing on the Nebraska sideline. Truthfully, that’s no different than I felt 4 years ago. If I had to rank my Top 3, I’d go Brian Kelly, Jim Harbaugh, Bo Pelini.

But, Pelini sounds like close to a done deal. Honestly, he’ll have to win me over. He could go a long ways toward that by hiring Chip Kelly away from Oregon as his offensive coordinator. Kelly developed his attacking style at New Hampshire, but certainly impressed me with his ability to get the ball into the hands of his playmakers. I’d like to think he could have fun with some of the talent that I believe exists in Lincoln. Pelini’s second move should be to sit down with Ndamukong Suh, encourage him to stay, find out what winds his motor and explain that he can become next year’s version of Glen Dorsey.

The bottom line is that Husker Nation has another exciting offseason to look forward to. I expect a few surprises. Some early departures to the NFL. A number of transfers from unhappy campers and quite a few position changes.

Let’s just hope it’s a lot longer than four years before we have to go through this again.


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