Patrick Witt Arrested

Backup quarterback Patrick Witt was arrested late Saturday night for hijinks and tomfoolery of the inebriated variety.

Witt allegedly failed to follow proper instructions when he entered Smith Hall near 14th and Holdrege streets around 1:50 a.m. Sunday, UNL Police Capt. Carl Oestmann said.

You can get arrested for failing to follow instructions? The LPD is brutal.

Witt allegedly signed in with a different name and went up to a floor without waiting to be escorted, Oestmann said.

Unescorted and a fake name? The important question is did he by chance use the name “Ron Mexico?”

A resident assistant told police Witt pushed him several times and made threatening remarks, Oestmann said.

Witt also apparently broke the RA’s pocket protector.

When an officer contacted Witt, he allegedly took off running, exiting the dorm and running toward 16th and W streets, where he was caught, Oestmann said.

Clearly Witt was just demonstrating to doubters that he is indeed a mobile quarterback. However, considering he was caught, his footspeed remains a question mark.

Witt, a native of Wylie, Texas, allegedly had identification that didn’t belong to him, and he showed signs of alcohol intoxication, Oestmann said. His blood alcohol content was 0.115.

He probably just put on his roommate’s jeans. It’s an honest mistake, who hasn’t done that?

Oh, and a BAC of 0.115? I thought that only counted as drunk at schools like Wesleyan and Kansas State.


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