Ines Sainz Pictures of the College Pick ‘Em Winner

It is one the worst Saturdays for sports in a long, long time. Insert Ines Sainz. The hottest sports reporter in the World from Mexico that will make your day better. Guaranteed.

Here she is exactly 20 feet away from me (restraining order) ….

Here she is waiting for my phone call….

Here she is trying to make me jealous….

Here she is outside of my hotel room….

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for the DXP Bowl Mania under ‘Double Extra Point’ and attempt to dominate T. Rose and the rest of the other college football fans on ESPN. As far as contests go, our second place winner for College Pick ‘EM apparently was not on the same playing field as the rest of the us. Thanks to new technology and an email, I was able to dig up this check awarded to the second place finisher ‘MizzouHusker’ (M. Goble) from winning the Sporting News college football bowl pick ’em in 2001.

As MizzouHusker said… ‘Some talk about their glory days playing high school football. I guess this is all I have…’

Well, you warmed our hearts. Now warm our hearts again and send us a picture of you in your DXP tee-shirt getting a lapdance…..


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