Pelini’s Staff is Official, Kind Of

After a few uncertain weeks, Bo Pelini officially announced his coaching staff and there are officially no surprises other than a running backs coach to be named later.

Anyway, here is the staff:

Shawn Watson—Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
Ron Brown—Tight Ends
Barney Cotton—Associate Head Coach/Offensive Line
Ted Gilmore—Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers/Recruiting Coordinator
Carl Pelini—Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line
Mike Ekeler—Linebackers
John Papuchis—Defensive Ends Coach
Marvin Sanders—Secondary Coach

Barney gets the associate head coach label, likely to placate him not being named offensive coordinator. While Ted Gilmore might have the longest official title in the country. The defensive staff is fairly unimpressive on paper, but will certainly have Bo’s fingerprints all over it.

As for the running back coach, he is apparently coaching in a bowl game. Just like our head coach, which makes the hesitation in naming him all the more unusual. Some names being bantered around at this point:

Cale Gundy – OU
Larry Porter – LSU
Stan Drayton – Florida

Obviously any of those would be welcomed by me, especially given their respective recruiting acumen. That is important because in case you haven’t heard, the current staff is not exactly tearing it up on the recruiting trail.


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