Husker Bloodlines – JaMichael Rozier

I stumbled across a familiar name a few days ago while looking for something or another. The name – JaMichael Rozier, who is a sophomore running back for Klein (TX) Collins High School just outside of Houston. JaMichael is apparently the son of Heisman Trophy winner and former Husker Mike Rozier.

JaMichael has already gotten a little publicity around the Husker message boards, but I suspect he’ll continue to garner attention over the next few years. JaMichael is listed as 5-8, 180 lbs, which is pretty good size for a HS sophomore. It will be interesting to see what his body will look like as a senior.

Like most recruiting hopefuls, JaMichael has already posted some highlights on YouTube, including those displayed below.

I have no idea if JaMichael ,will turn into a DI recruit but you have to think that with Dr. Tom sitting in the throne and a renewed focus on “tradition,” he may just get a look in a few years.

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