You Have A Chance. Trust Me.

A (not so) quick break from Husker reality. Although the Sacramento Kings cheerleaders had their cameras confiscated, DXP still found strength to move on this Friday.

What you are about to witness might make you jealous. If you like ugly sports reporters with athletes, go elsewhere. If you like hot sports reporters that make themselves available to me and you, stay.

This is Bonnie Bernstein and the coolest guy ever….

Erin Andrews with a nice young man…

She’s playing hard to get here…

I hope she took money from him…

She appears to be hotter at a (Omaha?) bar…

Hold on for more of this dude…

He is clearly abusing his intern privileges…

Finally, I bring you Bruce Pearl. I’m not bringing you basketball rhetoric, but I am bringing you the coolest coach ever. Ever. Even cooler than Larry Eustachy you ask? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Not fair…

Not fair…

It’s just not fair.

Oh well, back to Nebraska cheer.., i mean football.


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