Sam Keller’s Boyfriend

Last fall, DXP posted pictures of Sam Keller’s girlfriend for our heterosexual readers. Since we are not homophobic and are all for equal rights, we thought it is only fair to post pictures of Sam Keller’s boyfriend this time around. The boyfriend is no other than former Husker Corey McKeon who evidently can sack quarterbacks after all. We had our suspicions of McKeon when this halloween photo surfaced, but what about Sam Keller? Dude, you can do much better than Corey McKeon. (Thanks again to for unearthing these gems).

This is not Scott Frost and Grant Wistrom…

This was our 2007 Nebraska football team…

Another picture taken at ‘The Q’ in Lincoln…

After two more beers he goes down lower…

He obviously isn’t enjoying his girlfriend as much as Corey…

And you left her at home for that guy? Dude. Dude. Dude!!


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