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Casey Connelly Por Favor

May 30, 2008

After all the votes were carefully counted, Casey was this big winner this week. As T. Rose said, strike the iron while it’s hot. It’s hot. Really hot. All I can say is that 3rd string Arena league QB or not, Sam Keller still wins.

Sam and Casey makeout session and new Erin Andrews soon to come.


Dumb and Dumber

May 30, 2008

Jim Rose and Bill Callahan made quite the team. Make sure you are sitting on your hands while watching this because at first you are going to want to put a hole in your screen. You’ll find though that soon as you get to the last few minutes it becomes actually comical and is highlighted with an appearance of Coz’ and his ‘aggressive personality’.

‘You’re going to suffer and rightfully so’ – Bill Callahan

Back to the idiotmobile.

The Real Orange County

May 29, 2008

Since Jeffie is on hiatus, I figured this is a perfect time to unleash pictures of the Orange Coast College cheerleaders who recently on vacation in Las Vegas tried to outdo the Sacramento Kings cheerleaders. These cheerleaders have won 9 national titles in the last 10 years, and for their hardwork, I figure we should pay tribute to their dynasty.

(Thanks to for giving us these great photos. For the X rated photos (not R), you will for sure want to go here.)

God bless community college cheerleaders.

Warning: Against all odds, I tried keeping this as clean as I could but still probably NSFW!

Check out Slim Shady here…


May 29, 2008

Or at least Jeffie Husker has been missing in action. There seems to be little going on related to Nebraska football, and my life has taken a turn toward the hectic. My funding for teaching at UH ran out, so I was left unsupported (or broke) for the summer and until my internship starts. This forced me to look for a summer job for the first time since I don’t know when. I’ve got one lined up now with an added quirk of working a 4-day on/4-day off schedule. I have no idea how this might affect DXP, but Sammy Vegas might need to continue to carry the site for at least a few more days as I finish training and get my head screwed on straight. So commence with the scantily-clad ladies who may or may not be dating one of our players.

Bill Callahan Unplugged: 2nd Edition

May 25, 2008

Coach B Rizzle in North O is back. A few weeks ago we published the first of the Bill Callahan impersonsations (which is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard) from radio station 1620thezone and here is number two. Thanks to Big Head, we now know it is Omaha sports anchor Matt Schick. This is gold.

Inquiring Minds Want More Casey Connelly

May 23, 2008

It’s customer appreciation day.

A ‘Husker Hottie’ is the understatement of the year….

Due to the restraining order and Sam Keller threatening my life, this will be the last of the pictures of Casey Connelly (until next week Ice Mike).

Eric Crouch Paddle Ball Wiz

May 21, 2008

As if winning the Heisman Trophy and busting out of the NFL wasn’t enough. Eric Crouch has now turned his attention to the little-known sport of paddle ball. You know that paddle with a ball connected to it by a thin piece of elastic. Anyway, the guys at Secret Penguin, a design boutique in the NoDo district of Omaha, Nebraska, are taking on all-comers in their Paddle Battle. Their first contestent? You guessed it, Nebraska’s own Eric Crouch.

Click here to watch the battle.

Off camera, Eric’s opponent could be heard saying “This friggin thing is warped! Why do I always get a warped one!?”

Pay Lache Seastrunk

May 20, 2008 published an article recently on Lache (pronounced Lake) Seastrunk who is a high school sophomore running back from Temple, Texas. Watch this video and continue to remind yourself he is a high school sophomore.

Texas, LSU, Oklahoma, and Miami are his top choices right now. I am not condoning cheating but someone please give Dale Jensen his home number.

Buckhalter and Alexander Highlights

May 18, 2008

I considered these some pretty lean years in terms of running back talent. Buckhalter never seemed to have breakaway speed, and Alexander weebled and wobbled and fumbled his way into my personal doghouse. But both have done well for themselves in their post-Nebraska days and thus deserve some YouTube recognition.

Slump Buster Friday

May 16, 2008

Guess which girl you’re going to have to thumb wrestle A. Rose for tonight?

Mark Grace is my favorite professional athlete ever. Who actually says out loud that they used to throw salt blocks in the hotel lobby to get out of a hitting slump?