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Scalping Tickets For Dummies

June 27, 2008

So this guy (A.Rose) is thinking about buying a ticket for a College World Series game.

He is currently bellied up at Starsky’s and you’re probably thinking this is going to be a tough sale. You’re right. It’s not going to be easy. Nebraska didn’t make it and going to watch Stanford play Georgia doesn’t sound fun at all. He’s kind of interested but still has a little bit of hesitation. So how on earth could I sell this guy a ticket you ask?


We would eventually buy 10 tickets and not even step foot inside Rosenblatt. In fact, security would eventually confiscate my camera and guide us back to the bar. But goddammit, it was so worth it.


June 27, 2008

I’m not quite sure how to put this into words so I won’t. Judge for yourself.

What the *#*!? Seriously?

Sam Keller Just Signed Up

June 26, 2008

There are three blogs I read everyday. One is here, another one is here, and the third is Nik Richie from the site self proclaims himself as the ‘first ever reality blogger’. The best thing about him is that he HATES Sam Keller. The thing is Sam doesn’t quite get it. Here is an email Sam sent to him recently. Click on it to read it.

Nik Richie responded this: ‘Can someone please explain to me why Sam Keller keeps emailing me bragging how he signed with the Avengers? Broham that is not the NFL. Get over it. You can actually have beer bong parties with minors and nobody will care. Sam please stop emailing my personal email. Thank you.’

I’d actually play beer pong with his girlfriend Casey Connelly anyday.

Here is another article.

Another article.

And yet another. (warning! this one has Cori)

We’ll miss you, but we’ll never give up on you. Keep on keeping on. And don’t forget, the minute Casey Connelly dumps you, you’ll forever be forgotten. And Casey, regardless if you are with Sam or not, I’ll exploit you till the day I die.



Sam Keller has just signed with the Oakland Raiders!


College Football Recruiting 101

June 25, 2008

Here is an update on recruiting from and on a few Big 12 teams. I’m not hitting the panic button quite yet, but I am starting to get just a little antsy. The most alarming thing about all of this is the fact that we are getting out-recruited by Kansas and Missouri at this point – and it’s not looking like it is going to change. If both of these programs continue to win, it is going to be painfully difficult to get recruits out of places where they were once almost automatic for us.

The biggest question is where to even start. You’re out of your mind if you think we are going to Texas, California, or Florida and plucking out 4 and 5 star recruits when we need the next Tommie Frazier or Lawrence Phillips. That was the talent that Osborne went 60-3 with in his last five years. Recruits from the south aren’t going to be passing on programs such as Texas, Oklahoma, USC, UCLA, Florida, Florida State, LSU, or Miami anytime soon. At this time, we are more likely to be competing with schools like South Florida, Texas Tech, and Fresno State for the best of the rest. What we need to have happen is to strike gold on one player and then have others follow. A guy like Cody Green (4 star QB from Dayton, TX who has us at the top of his list) could be one to help, but then again I don’t see others following the #10 ranked dual threat QB by rivals across the country to Nebraska.

Anyways, here are the current classes of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas for a quick comparison.


5 commits with four ‘3’ star recruits and one no star.


11 commits with one ‘4’ star recruit, 7 ‘3’ star recruits, and three no stars.


11 commits with one ‘4’ star recruit, 9 ‘3’ star recruits, and one no star.


15 commits with four ‘4’ star recruits and 11 ‘3’ star recruits.


19 commits with one ‘5’ star, 11 ‘4’ stars, and 7 ‘3’ star recruits.

The fact of the matter is, when you look at the talent Texas and Oklahoma already have, it’s almost not fair. You can have a Super Bowl caliber coaching staff but it’s not going to matter when you are putting fullbacks from an Omaha Catholic high school out there against blue chips from Texas. Talent matters. Unfortunately, the internet isn’t helping teams like Nebraska that already have little to no talent to choose from. With the introduction of and, it is impossible for any player to go unnoticed. It is also impossible for a player not to be well informed about the schools that recruit him.

Another thing you have to look at is that rookie coaches face an uphill battle already when other coaches can sit a kid down and ask them why you would want to go play for someone with no head coaching experience. Furthermore, when you have the argument that you already have a BCS Bowl caliber program established it’s not going to help us. And obviously, whether you want to think about this or not, our program is down.

Like I said, I am not panicking this early, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried. Unfortunately, most of that worrying is coming from Tom Osborne. Reestablishing the walk-on program is the least of my worries. I am hoping he knows it is 2008 and driving to places like West Point, NE to sign kids like Micah Kreikemeier is not exactly the same as flying to Pennsylvania to sign kids like Terrelle Pryor. Even worse, Bo Pelini hasn’t done either.

DT, who has given us some of the most insightful commentary (and lengthy commentary :)), recently provided us some great info on recruiting. This info from ‘darthhusker’ he gave us says it all. Osborne and his staff might have developed talent, but he surely didn’t start with scrubs. Check out our recruiting classes (’85-’96) from darthhusker’s site.

Look at these recruits below and their stars (in the pre-era of the internet recruiting services) and then decide on the importance of 4 and 5 star recruits.

Derek Brown: Rated #1 “speed” Back by Max Emfinger (5*)
Will Shields: Top 13 OG by Super Prep (4*)
Trev Alberts: #33 ILB by Emfinger (3*)
Johnny Mitchell: #9 TE (4*)
Ed Stewart: #13 SS by Emfinger (4*)
Zach Wiegert: #67 OL by Lemming (3*)
Rob Zatechka: #20 OL (Lemming) #36 (Emfinger) (3-4*)
Brendan Stai: #39 OG by Emfinger (3*)
Donta Jones: #16 OLB (4*)
Calvin Jones: USA Today/Parade AA (5*)
Corey Dixon: #5 WB by Emfinger (4*)
Tony Veland: #20 Midlands player (Emfinger)(4*)
Abdul Muhammed: All-West (Lemming) (4*)
Clester Johnson: #8 run/pass QB (Emfinger) (4*)
Aaron Grahm: All-state TX (3*)
Dewayne Harris: #10 DE by Lemming (4*)
Phil Ellis: #6 MLB by Emfinger (4*)
Doug Coleman: 1990 NJ Defensive POY (4*)
Tyrone Williams: All-state, FLA (3*)
Mike Minter: All-state, OK (3*)
Tommie Frazier: Prep Star All-American (4*)
Damon Benning/Clinton Childs: All-State NE (2-3*)
Jon Zatechka: Super Prep All-American (4*)
Aaron Taylor: 3rd Team All-state TX (2-3*)
Lawrence Phillips: All-American, #1 RB in West (5*)
Jason Peter: All-American (4*)
Eric Anderson: USA Today All-American (5*)
Grant Wistrom: AA-USA Today/Superprep (5*)
Shevin Wiggins: Florida Player of the Year (4*)
Mike Rucker: All-state, MO (2-3*)
Eric Warfield: All-State, AR (2-3*)
Jay Forman: Superprep All-American (4*)
Sheldon Jackson: Best in the West (4*)
James Sherman: California lineman of the year (4*)
Tony Ortiz: Parade/Superprep/USA Today AA (5*)
Chad Kelsay: All-state, NE (2*)
Adam Julch: All-state, NE (2*)
Eric Johnson: All-State, AZ (3*)
Julius Jackson: Super Prep All-American (4*)
Ahman Green: USA Today/Super Prep AA (5*)
Terrell Farley: JUCO All-American (4-5*)
Kris Brown: All-state, TX (3*)
TJ DeBates: Superprep All-American (4*)
Frankie London: Superprep All-American (4*)
Steve Warren: Superprep All-American (4*)
Carlos Polk: 2nd Team USA Today AA (4*)
Willie Miller: Offensive POY-Super Prep (5*)
Russ Hochstein: All-state, NE (2*)
John Gibson: Super Prep All-American (4*)
Clint Finley: Nat. Recruit. Advisor All-American (4*)
Deangelo Evans: USA Today/Superprep/NRA AA (5*)
Ralph Brown: Parade/Super Prep/NRA AA (5*)
Mike Brown: Super Prep/NRA AA (5*)
Dan Alexander: Super Prep/NRA AA (5*)

Anytime anyone wants to argue that landing big recruits doesn’t matter, I’ll happily sit down and get bombed up with you.

Of course there was some coaching and developing involved, but don’t let anyone fool you. We didn’t just take mediocre recruits in and make a dynasty. We brought in great recruits and made a dynasty.

Eshaunte Jones Highlights

June 24, 2008

I’m alive, but worn out from babysitting the future Lawrence Phillips and Pac-Man Jones’s of the world at my new gig. And since the football world seems to have dried up at this point in the off-season, I thought I would make my first ever Nebraska basketball post.

Here are highlights of new Husker recruit Eshaunte Jones fresh from YouTube. Shaky camera work and even worse editing to boot. I have to admit that while I don’t really follow Nebraska basketball closely, I was extremely disappointed when the team lost out on Robert Sallie. Hopefully Jones can help fill that void. He apparently has some skills based on his offer list which reportedly includes the likes of Cincy, Georgetown, Memphis, and Kentucky. That would make him one of the more sought after recruits ever to suit up for the Huskers should things actually work out this time.

There’s also an interview on YouTube as well:

The Legend Of Charlie Weis Still Grows

June 23, 2008

This is great. I have no idea how you go 3-9 and Rivals can still rate you a 4 star cheeseburger eater. Being extremely fat and grotesque must have something to do with it.

Terrence Nunn Dated Jordan Monroe

June 23, 2008

When I remember Terrence Nunn’s career at Nebraska, the second thing that is always going to come to mind is his fumble vs. #5 Texas in 2006. Texas kicker Ryan Bailey would turn that fumble into his first career field goal and a 22-20 win. (And for what it’s worth Terrence, that fumble was not all your fault. There’s a blizzard outside. It’s 3rd and 3 with 2:17 and counting left in the game. Texas had no timeouts. For whatever reason, coach douche decided to throw the ball.)

The first thing that is always going to come to mind is that he dated Jordan Monroe who was Playboy’s Miss October 2006. Jordan graduated from Gross Catholic High School (Omaha, NE) in 2004 and then attended Nebraska. Catholic girls rock. I have no idea how this happened but it did and we need to give credit where credit is due. The last time I dated anything this hot was in June of 2007 when my Playboy subscription expired.

(Just a little warning. This is not fair.)

And finally, you’ll want to go about 1:20 into this youtube video where the ‘College Football Tour Guy’ runs into Jordan tailgaiting before the Nebraska-USC game last fall.

How Not To Play Linebacker

June 20, 2008

Until August 30th finally comes around, I’ll still have the sour taste of what we were the past four years. That equals terrible. And when I think terrible, I think Cori McKeon. The self-appointed leader of the Blackshirts not only embarrassed himself each and every game, but he embarrassed every player who has ever had the privilege of putting on a Blackshirt.

In a Los Angeles Times article about Cori last December, he had this to say. “As much as I’d like to be playing, I’m fortunate to have a chance to play at the next level. It will be a lot of fun to play with some of the guys you’ve played against during your career. It’s like a vacation with a little work mixed in. I’m fortunate to be playing there because it gets some scouts watching me — it’s a good way to continue on.”

It gets even better.

“I definitely didn’t play as well as a senior as I would have liked and I wasn’t satisfied with it at all. They changed the defense on us this year and we maybe got overworked a little in the spring and summer. Everyone had a lot invested in this season and as we started to falter, guys kind of caved in a little.”

Kind of caved in a little? I don’t call giving up 65 to Colorado and 76 to Kansas kind of caving in a little. Changed the defense? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Overworked? The last time you practiced in pads was in 2003.

“It was a great experience being here for these five years. The tradition here is so special and the expectations are really high. The fans love you one minute and hate you the next.”

Love you?

“I always joke about coming back to take over the Naperville North (his former high school) program and building a dynasty. (My dad) could take the offense and I’d take the defense.”

That’s a hilarious joke. Coz’ can help with the linebackers and Cally can help your dad with the O-Line.

Writer Steve Reavan does show his own sense of humor though. He writes, “The 6-1, 225-pound McKeon was projected before his senior season by several scouting services as anywhere between a second- and fourth-round pick. The Huskers’ defensive troubles probably didn’t help his standing but he has more than enough time to make a positive impression.”

I am literally on the floor right now.

Finally, since this is the last time we will ever mention Cori again, we will pay one last photo tribute to the not so great one. Enjoy and make sure you hum ‘You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings’ as you scroll down.

Yo Phillip, I hear you man.

Odds To Win the 2008 Heisman Trophy

June 19, 2008

Who ya got?

Some of the odds below are mind boggling. For example, I want to know who the first asshole from Ohio is that bets on Terrelle Pryor at 100/1. Another great one is Armanti Edwards from Appalachian State at 100/1 who would have to put up Steve McNair numbers times five to even have a chance. Father Tim, Beanie Wells, Chase Daniel, Michael Crabtree, and Knoshown Moreno are the five favorites. If you want to bet on a Nebraska player you’ll have to resort to betting the field at 10/1 which means you can give me your money and I’ll take you out back and kick you in the nuts. At 16/1 odds, I think Sam Bradford is a solid bet and he has his own website to help his cause. A long shot that will put up big, big numbers is Ian Johnson at 40/1 who is returning for his 9th year at Boise.

Eric Berry (Tenn) 80/1
Todd Boeckman (OhioSt.) 35/1
Sam Bradford (Okl) 16/1
Rudy Carpenter (ASU 35/1
Jimmy Clausen (ND) 80/1
Michael Crabtree (TTech) 10/1
Chase Daniel (Missouri) 8/1
James Davis (Clem) 50/1
Noel Devine (WVU) 35/1
Armanti Edwards (App. State) 100/1
Arian Foster (Tenn) 50/1
Matt Grothe (USF) 60/1
Max Hall (BYU) 65/1
Cullen Harper (Clem) 25/1
Percy Harvin (FL) 15/1
Graham Harrell (TTech) 15/1
P.J. Hill (Wisc) 22/1
Ian Johnson (Boise St.) 40/1
Jeremiah Johnson (Ore) 100/1
James Laurinaitis (Ohio St.) 70/1
Dan LeFevour (C. Mich) 70/1
Kellen Lewis (Ind) 50/1
Jake Locker (Wash) 50/1
Jeremy Maclin (Missouri) 35/1
LeSean McCoy (Pitt) 20/1
Colt McCoy (Tex) 28/1
Stephen McGee (Tex A&M) 60/1
Joe McKnight (USC) 25/1
Knowshon Moreno (UGA) 10/1
DeMarco Murray (Okla) 15/1
Curtis Painter (Purdue) 60/1
Terrelle Pryor (Ohio St.) 100/1
Todd Reesing (Kan) 25/1
Javon Ringer (Mich St.) 35/1
Zac Robinson (Ok. State) 75/1
Mark Sanchez (USC) 40/1
C.J. Spiller (Clem) 50/1
Matthew Stafford (UGA) 14/1
Tyrod Taylor (V. Tech) 60/1
Tim Tebow (FL) 7/2
Willie Tuitama (Arz) 75/1
Chris Wells (Ohio St.) 5/1
Pat White (WVU) 12/1
Juice Williams (ILL) 40/1
John Parker Wilson (Ala) 40/1
Field 10/1

Greatest Huskers By Number Continued

June 18, 2008

#6 – Keith “End Zone” Jones. Another addition to the prolific running backs from Omaha Central, Keith Jones ran his way into the record books in 1986 when Doug DuBose tore his knee in a pre-season scrimmage. That year as a junior, he lead the Big 8 in rushing and scored the only rushing TD that Oklahoma allowed all year. In 1987, Jones reached 2,488 yards in his career and became Nebraska’s 3rd leading rusher of all time behind Mike Rozier and I.M. Hipp. Jones’ nickname definitely comes from the fact that he liked to score. He ended his career at Nebraska with 31 touchdowns and averaged over 123 yards/game when he started. Also, if you need any of Keith’s BBQ sauce, you can go here.

#7 – Eric Crouch. We have spent much more time ripping Eric Crouch here than giving him any credit besides his paddle ball accomplishments. But, the fact of the matter is that his statistics were almost unbelievable.
These are his records (via huskerpedia):
• NCAA record for career rushing TD’s by a QB (59)
• 13th player in NCAA history to rush and pass for 1,000 yards in a season (1,115 rushing, 1,510 passing)
• One of three quarterbacks in NCAA Division 1-A history to rush for 3,000 yards and pass for 4,000 yards in a career
• Tied an NCAA scoring record by scoring a TD via run, pass, reception in the same game (vs. Cal, 1999)
• Longest run in NU history (95 yards) at Missouri, Sept. 29, 2001
• Owns Nebraska career record for total-offense yards with 7,915, including a school and Big 12 record for most rushing yards by a quarterback (3,434), while ranking third in career passing (4,481)
• School record holder with 88 total-offense touchdowns
• Regular-season school record for rushing yards by a quarterback in a game (191 yards) at Missouri, Sept. 29, 2001
• Tied school records for most TD passes in a game (5 vs. Iowa, 2000); most rushing TD’s in a game by a quarterback (4 vs. Kansas and Iowa State, 2001); and set a QB record for most rushing TDs in a season (20, 2000)
• Set school records for most rushing attempts in a season for a QB (203, 2001); most total-offense yards by a sophomore (2,158); tied school record for most rushing attempts in a game for a quarterback (27 vs. KSU, 1999)
Crouch won the Heisman Trophy in 2001.

#8 – Tyrone Williams. In his 3 years when he started, Nebraska was 36-1 with Tyrone. Without doubt, he is one of the best lock-down cornerbacks we have ever had. With him, we won two national championships and three Big 8 championships. Tyrone was also a two-time first-team All Big 8 selection. He has a Super Bowl ring that he won with Green Bay where he played for 7 seasons before retiring in 2004 with the Dallas Cowboys.

#9- Steve Taylor. Taylor became a First-Team All-American in 1987 and all Big 8 in 1987 and 1988. He will forever be best remembered as the quarterback who broke Oklahoma’s 31 Big 8 game winning streak in 1988 and got Nebraska back to the Orange Bowl for the first time in 5 years. Although his career was played out in the Canadian Football League with virtually every team imaginable, Taylor is now a Real Estate Professional in Lincoln and quite successful. Check out his website.

#10 – Mike Minter. Even if he was terrible, Minter might have still made this list based on his website alone. If you ever want to a create a website about yourself, that is what you make it look like. Minter was surrounded by All-American talent everywhere which made him a little underappreciated at the time. He tore his ACL two games into his sophomore season which cut his college career a little short. He would win two national championships in 1994 and 1995. He earned All-Big 12 first-team honors his senior year. Interestingly, he played his final two games at Nebraska at linebacker after playing all the previous at strong safety. He was drafted in the second round by the Carolina Panthers and along with helping them to Super Bowl XXXVIII, Minter retired as the team’s all time leading tackler with 700 stops in 132 games.

For Numbers 1-5 you can go here.

1-Dale Klein/Lawrence Phillips
2-Von Sheppard
3-Eric Warfield
4-Dengelo Evans
5-Dejuan Groce