Grant Wistrom Xbox Challenge

DXP received this in our mailbox this morning.

Hey –

Hope you’re doing well.

Unique opportunity for you – Grant Wistrom, former UNL Cornhusker and NFL great, will be playing Xbox live on Wednesday, June 11th for Windstream’s Green Truck Tour. Grant will be playing NCAA Football 2008 via Xbox 360 with in-store customers and online gamers. Grant’s gamertag is: GWistrom98 and he will be on live from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm CT (12:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET).

Wanted to see if you were interested in playing against Grant, as well as chatting with him to catch up on what he’s been up lately, his memories of UNL, his NFL career, as well as Windstream’s “Green Truck Tour.”

I’ve included additional details below. Feel free to contact me for more info.

Thanks so much!


If only I had a little advanced warning, I surely would have been kicking some ass today. When you place 4th in the 400 meters at the Special Olympics it translates into getting dominated in a real sport, like college football on Xbox 360 Live.


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