Sam Keller Just Signed Up

There are three blogs I read everyday. One is here, another one is here, and the third is Nik Richie from the site self proclaims himself as the ‘first ever reality blogger’. The best thing about him is that he HATES Sam Keller. The thing is Sam doesn’t quite get it. Here is an email Sam sent to him recently. Click on it to read it.

Nik Richie responded this: ‘Can someone please explain to me why Sam Keller keeps emailing me bragging how he signed with the Avengers? Broham that is not the NFL. Get over it. You can actually have beer bong parties with minors and nobody will care. Sam please stop emailing my personal email. Thank you.’

I’d actually play beer pong with his girlfriend Casey Connelly anyday.

Here is another article.

Another article.

And yet another. (warning! this one has Cori)

We’ll miss you, but we’ll never give up on you. Keep on keeping on. And don’t forget, the minute Casey Connelly dumps you, you’ll forever be forgotten. And Casey, regardless if you are with Sam or not, I’ll exploit you till the day I die.



Sam Keller has just signed with the Oakland Raiders!



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