Las Vegas vs. The Sporting News

The left teams here are Matt Hayes’ top 50 (from TSN) and the teams on the right are ranked according to Las Vegas oddsmakers. For a preview of Nebraska (from TSN), go here. (Sorry, this might make your head hurt looking at this, but blame it on blogger.)

No. 50 Connecticut (OREGON STATE 125/1)
No. 49 Georgia Tech (KENTUCKY 125/1)
No. 48 Texas A&M (ARIZONA 125/1)
No. 47 Oregon State (PURDUE 100/1)
No. 46 Purdue (LOUISVILLE 100/1)
No. 45 N.C. State (KANSAS ST 100/1)
No. 44 Oklahoma State (NOTRE DAME 100/1)
No. 43 UCLA (IOWA 100/1)
No. 42 North Carolina (BOSTON COLLEGE 100/1)
No. 41 Ball State (CINCINNATI 100/1)
No. 40 Nebraska (ARKANSAS 100/1)
No. 39 South Carolina (COLORADO 100/1)
No. 38 Miami (OKLAHOMA ST 100/1)
No. 37 Colorado (WAKE FOREST 100/1)
No. 36 Cincinnati (WASHINGTON 100/1)
No. 35 Florida State (PITTSBURGH 100/1)
No. 34 Tulsa (S CAROLINA 75/1)
No. 33 Boise State (NEBRASKA 75/1)
No. 32 Utah (TEXAS A&M 75/1)
No. 31 California (VIRGINIA 75/1)
No. 30 Mississippi State (RUTGERS 75/1)
No. 29 Penn State (MICHIGAN ST 75/1)
No. 28 Notre Dame (MIAMI-FLA 60/1)
No. 27 Michigan State (FLORIDA ST 60/1)
No. 26 Pittsburgh (OREGON 60/1)
No. 25 Fresno State (BYU 60/1)
No. 24 Wake Forest (UCLA 60/1)
No. 23 Alabama (PENN ST 50/1)
No. 22 Tennessee (S FLORIDA 50/1)
No. 21 South Florida (ALABAMA 50/1)
No. 20 Texas Tech (TEXAS TECH 50/1)
No. 19 BYU (MICHIGAN 40/1)
No. 18 Michigan (CALIFORNIA 40/1)
No. 17 Arizona State (ILLINOIS 40/1)
No. 16 Auburn (ARIZONA ST 35/1)
No. 15 Oregon (WISCONSIN 30/1)
No. 14 Wisconsin (TENNESSEE 30/1)
No. 13 Virginia Tech (KANSAS 25/1)
No. 12 Kansas (AUBURN 25/1)
No. 11 Texas (VIRGINIA TECH 22/1)
No. 10 Illinois (CLEMSON 20/1)
No. 9 Florida (WEST VIRGINIA 15/1)
No. 8 West Virginia (LSU 15/1)
No. 7 Clemson (MISSOURI 10/1)
No. 6 Missouri (TEXAS 10/1)
No. 5 LSU (GEORGIA 10/1)
No. 4 Oklahoma (OHIO ST 8/1)
No. 3 Southern Cal (FLORIDA 6/1)
No. 2 Ohio State (OKLAHOMA 6/1)
No. 1 Georgia (SOUTHERN CAL 3/1)

Who ya got? Matt or Las Vegas?

I want to know how you can put Ohio State ahead of USC when they play AT USC in the non-conference schedule. Do you really think Ohio State will win? He also has Nebraska one spot ahead of Ball State and behind teams such as Tulsa, Cincinnati, Utah, Michigan State, and Wake Forest. Everyone knows I’m not the biggest Florida fan, but I’ve never said they aren’t a great team coached by a great coach. #9 with that talent back? Matt, are you telling me Clemson is better? Is Georgia #1 you think? They play at LSU, Florida (in Jacksonville), Tennessee, at Auburn, at South Carolina, at Arizona State, and then maybe a SEC title game against LSU, Auburn, or Alabama. No way.

As much as it pains me, I’ll take Oklahoma (if Sam Bradford and Landry Jones aren’t convicted of felony drug trafficking).

More importantly, Erin who ya got?


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