Damn You James W. Conradt

Here I am trying to continue with the ‘Fan Appreciation Day’ articles and then I have to read this. You’re setting me back one day James.

But James, you know I got your back.

In case you all haven’t heard, James is being sued by the Oklahoma Publishing Co. ‘The Oklahoman’, which is Oklahoma’s largest newspaper, has filed a 10 count civil law suit for copyright and trademark infrigements. The publisher of this great newspaper and a sports writer by the name of Jake Trotter are the ones suing James. They state that Conradt stole Trotter’s template and ‘The Oklahoman’ trademarks to make it appear as it was a legit article.

Says James W. Conradt,

“There was a fake news story posted for a few hours Wednesday at this location that was intended to be a joke about Oklahoma football. A link to this site was posted on a Husker fan discussion board. I have decided to take down my entire Husker site.

I am sorry for any trouble this has caused.

Please consider this to be an official retraction and correction. If you see a link to this page referencing the previous story, please ask to have it removed. Thank you.”

First off, I had no idea James worked at the University of Texas which has to make this even sweeter for Oklahoma fans. Secondly, like I have said, if you are the biggest newspaper in Oklahoma and you let this fake article stay up on your site for hours then you are the one that should go up in front of a jury. I’m not saying what James did was something I’d do, but I can not believe people take life this serious. I never knew a journalism degree at Oklahoma could land you such an awesome job at ‘The Oklahoman’ with many other accomplished writers and publishers.

How about we make a truce Oklahoma. Let’s see. How can I help?

Drop the suit. Let’s kiss and make up.


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