Ranking Marlon Lucky

Dave Matter from the Columbia Tribune recently put out a ranking of the 12 best backfield players in the Big 12.

1. Chase Daniel (Missouri)
2. Grant Harrell (T. Tech)
3. Sam Bradford (Oklahoma)
4. Marlon Lucky (Nebraska)
5. Colt McCoy (Texas)
6. Mike Goodson (Texas A&M)
7. DeMarco Murray (Oklahoma)
8. Todd Reesing (Kansas)
9. Zac Robinson (Oklahoma State)
10. Jorvorskie Lane (Texas A&M)
11. Derrick Washington (Missouri)
12. Josh Freeman (Kansas State)

He has this to say about Lucky, “Lucky and his 1,724 yards rushing and receiving might have been all that went right in Lincoln last year. The conference’s only returning 1,000-yard back put up 42 percent of his rushing yards against Nevada, Wake Forest and Ball State. But he caught at least six passes in eight games and twice had more than 100 yards receiving.”

Being ahead of DeMarco Murray and Mike Goodson says something about how others view him from the outside. It should be interesting to see how Shawn Watson will utilize Lucky differently this year. I highly doubt that he will have two 100 yard receiving games and at least six receptions in eight separate games partly because I don’t think we will be playing ‘Playstation’ type of games where you just try to outscore the opponent. His rushing numbers (1,019yds, 9 TDs last year) will go up and his receiving numbers (705yds, 3 TDs) will go down. (The most impressive number in Lucky’s career stat book is that he has ZERO fumbles on 499 touches in his three years.) I’m hoping for a 1,500 yard (rushing) senior season because that would equal team success. There’s no doubt that keeping Lucky this year was the biggest ‘recruit’ Pelini landed in the offseason.

(Here are his career statistics)


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