Welcome Freshmen. Now Cut Your Hair!

With the start of fall camp and school right around the corner, incoming freshmen are making their way to Lincoln. This means taking part in summer conditioning, being assigned a dorm room and a roommate, being granted a number on the official roster, and of course checking out the incoming freshman female talent. But here’s to hoping for at least two members of Nebraska’s 2008 recruiting class that their arrival in Lincoln also includes a trip to the barber.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Exhibit A – Quentin Toailoa:

And Exhibit B – John Levorson:

Toailoa’s mane actually extends beyond the parameters of the picture!! Now I know that he has that whole Haka thing going on and perhaps the coif helps with that, but cripes, that’s a lot of hair. He could smuggle kickers in there. Levorson on the other hand is just a mess. Does the university not hand out those little black combs on picture day like my elementary school used to? Oh and the Tastee Inn called and they’d like their grease back (too obscure for those non-Northeast Lincoln folks?).

I heard stories during the glory years of the Peter brothers pinning players down and shaving their heads against their will at the outset of fall camp. Given the looks of things, I sincerely hope that’s another tradition revived under Pelini.

Bonus hair-related tunes from Pavement in one of their more celebrated tracks:


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