Fan Appreciation Day: Kige Ramsey

Kige meet Zach. Zach meet Kige.

The “Fan Appreciation” series continues with none other than Kige Ramsey. If you have never heard of Kige, he is more or less a YouTube legend. He is a 21 year old college student in Kentucky who is aspiring to be a sports journalist. Kige loves the Tennessee Titans and all sports Kentucky. Watch the following videos of “The Kige Ramsey Show for YouTube Sports” and judge for yourself if Kige has what it takes.

Here is his 2008 Big 12 preview…

An interview with Sean Pendergast from the Jim Rome show…

Want to pick up chicks? Get a pen and paper…

Here is a REAL paid advertisement for Kentucky Chrome Emblems. I shit you not…

An interview with Kentucky players Ramel Crawford and Joe Crawford…

If you want more Kige, including such topics as cooking pizza rolls, saving gas money, where to go on spring break, and Masters’ coverage, go check out those links and have at it. It’s worth it.

Kige says this on his blog , “I have heard on other websites disscusing my videos comments that say I have a mental issue such as autism or down syndrome. well I have saw those comments and it makes me mad because I have nither and I wish people would stop saying so.”

I am completely perplexed as what to even say about Kige. Who can knock him for what he does? His pizza roll recipe is something Bobby Flay is still trying to master. This kid does advertisements, interviews star basketball players, has four websites, and has Z-list celebrities on his show. I’m actually jealous. The only fan mail DXP gets is invites to stand in line for five hours in order to play X-Box against Grant Wistrom for two minutes.


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