Updating David Oku

Several weeks ago, I did a “Recruiting Watch: David Oku” blog post. For a refresher, go to the link or you can check him out at scout.com (5 star) or rivals.com (4 star). And of course his sickening highlights below…

(once again, sorry for the silence during the video. just hum Stuart Scott’s “I’ll Be” while you watch.)

The Daily Oklahoman reports that Oku’s plans have entirely changed.

According to rivals.com, “Carl Albert four-star running back David Oku had everything already planned out. Official visits were scheduled and a decision timeline was already put in place. That all changed when his father, who is in Iraq serving in the military, advised him to make an earlier decision.”

Michigan and Illinois – gone. Now, official visits are:
•Aug. 31 — Louisville (hosts Kentucky)
•Sept. 6 — Florida State (hosts Western Carolina)
•Sept. 20 — Tennessee (hosts Florida)
•Sept. 27 — Nebraska (hosts Virginia Tech)

Thank you Major Oku. This couldn’t have worked out any better. I knew his mom wanted a good education for him (remember his 15 ACT score?), but I had no idea his dad was military. Clearly, if his dad is serving in Iraq, he would be the first to know that anyone with a 15 ACT score needs a good academic surrounding and a no-bullshit type of head coach and athletic director. Furthermore, Nebraska graduates 88% of its athletes. Plus, being able to walk in to Lincoln with 5 star QB Cody Green is an ideal situation.

I’ll break down what will be going through David Oku’s head during September really quick here. Louisville might impress at first with the hype of the game, but after he visits Florida State he’ll quickly realize what a shithole campus the Cardinals have, how inbred people that live in Kentucky are, and how much the national media could care less about Louisville. Next, going to Tallahassee is probably going to be a good weekend for girls, but the realization that they will struggle with Western Carolina and have fans booing them will not help. Furthermore, Oku says this about the Seminoles, “You can ask anyone here in Oklahoma who I like, and they’ll say FSU. I’m trying to separate that, though. I’m not going to let that affect where I go. I love the tradition at Florida State, but the thing about them is that they haven’t had a 1,000-yard rusher in like 10 years.” The following week Tennesse hosts a Florida team which will be a great weekend of football. However, as soon as Phillip Fullmer runs out of bullshit to tell him as to why they already have one ‘4 star’ and two ‘3 star’ running backs coming in and six running backs coming back from this year’s roster, it will be sayonara.

I don’t claim to know much, but I do claim when this kid hears 80,000 thousand people chanting his name (ala Marlon Lucky), he will commit to Nebraska early October. Bank on it.


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