DXP Pick ‘Em Updates

“Okay, let me ask you a question, which one do you want cause we’re gonna stick to this?
I’ve always had a thing for blondes.
Good, cause I’ll take anything.”

Now back to the other pick ’em. We definitely have some good competition in both DXP contests. Solid work thus far gentlemen and especially to Sordid Spreadmaker who is only 16 points off the overall lead on ESPN and 16 points away from a tv and game system that he is going to donate to the DXP fund if he wins. JK.

From the ESPN group,

1 Sordid Spreadmaker, M. Suder: 197 points 99.7%
2 Big P Steele, T. Rose: 194 points 99.2%
2 Husker Guy, T. Dale: 194 points 99.2%
2 Sammy Vegas: 194 points 99.2%
5 Thiele, D. Thiele: 192 points 98.6%
6 fatbucket, R. Peterson: 191 points 98.2%
6 Jeffie Husker: 191 points 98.2%
8 PACinfel, P. Cinfel: 190 points 97.7%
9 Doc1028, E. Drey: 183 points 93.9%
10 Hughes, J. Hughes: 179 points 91.0%
10 MizzouHusker, M. Goble: 179 points 91.0%

From the Yahoo group,

1 A. Rose
55 points
2 Frank Solich’s Breathalyzer 54 points
2 T. Rose’s Locks 54 points
4 Schrute Bucks 53 points
5 TimmyssonTJjr 51 points
6 BugEater1952 50 points
7 Sordid Spreads 49 points
7 Paint Man 49 points
7 Sammy Vegas 49 points
10 5 Star Prospect 47 points

Best of luck the rest of the way and kisses to everyone…


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