Big Weekend to Sell the Program

Besides the first test of the season for the Husker football team, the Va. Tech game gives the coaches a chance to sell the program to an impressive list of recruits. According to the Lincoln Journal-Star, the list of recruits who will be in attendence for the game includes at least five highly ranked high school seniors with multiple offers. The headliner is Rivals 4* and #1 ranked all-purpose RB David Oku from Oklahoma. His 4* teammate and safety recruit Daytawion Lowe will also be there. Keenan Graham, a 4* OLB recruit from Las Vegas, Alex Logan from Denver and Lester White from Riverside, both 3* safeties, will all be there as well. Oh, and before anyone comments on whether or not the 4 star ranking on both Oku and Lowe actually means anything, the answer is yes, the rankings indicate prospective talent at respective positions. Althougth not indicative of future success at the college level, I will take great talent with great coaching (see USC and Pete Carroll) any day of the week on my team. As for the gameday experience aspect, it doesn’t really set up any better than a nationally televised night game in front of 85,000 fans at Memorial Stadium. Let’s just not get too excited and turn into “JoJo the Indian circus boy with a pretty new pet” pitching the program, ’cause in case you haven’t noticed, it’s been awhile since we’ve pulled a commitment. My suggestion is to utilize more persuasive recruiting measures (not free tickets or free Husker gear). Melissa, can you help us out?


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