You Make the Call

We’ve got issues, yes we do. We’ve got issues, what say you? What would you do if you were walking in Bo Pelini’s gold-plated shoes?

Here’s some possible ideas to get the hamster in your brain warmed up.

1. Switch offensive coordinators. This could mean making a change to “Barney Ball” now or waiting until after the season.

2. Make a change at QB. Ganz has looked great at times and subpar at others. Give Witt and/or Lee a chance to play now in preparation for 2009 and beyond.

3. Shake up the secondary. Possibilities – move West to FS, Start Dennard opposite Murillo, move or bench Asante in favor of Culbert.

4. Scrap the running game and hope we can outscore teams a la the last few games of 2007.

5. Completely commit to the running game, even if it means less offensive success and additional losses. The idea being that a shift in offensive philosophies could be coming and this would put the foundation in place.

6. Make changes on the offensive line. Ideas – Burn Henry’s redshirt. Bench guys who have a long history of failing to open holes. I’m looking at you Murtha and Slauson and Hickman.

7. Find out what kind of talent is in waiting on the offensive side of the ball. In other words, give some young guys a chance to contribute. Find a role for the young WRs. See what Mendoza can do in space. Ride Helu and Castille for the remainder of the season, to see if the running game can develop over time.

8. Nothing. Resign ourselves to the fact that we are now college football bottom-feeders.


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