Screw Citigroup, Its Time To Pick Up Some Hot Blondes On The Cheap

In case you haven’t heard, it sounds like the entire country of Iceland is about to go bankrupt. Unfortunately Phil Steele only had Iceland going under as a 2* this week, so I didn’t bet it, but there may be other ways to play this historic event.

Everyone in the country has no idea of what to do, and you can bet if you are willing to pay for airfare and have an extra room to spare, you might be able to adopt on Icelander. If you are a sucker for blondes like the entire team here at DXP, you are on Craigslist already with an offer.

Girls like Miss Iceland 2007 Johanna Vala (first pic below) may soon be seeking refuge. The country only has 320,000 people, so act fast as the really hot ones are soon to find a sugar daddy in the U.S. or Europe within days. Anyone know the Icelandic translation for “monthly rent is negotiable?”


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