Houston, We Have A Problem

In case you didn’t watch Marshall’s 37-23 win over Houston last night on ESPN, you probably missed this little accident. Houston freshman WR Patrick Edwards (634 yards, 4 TDs) was running for a ball from QB Blake Joseph in the third quarter when this happened (from espn):

Edwards, running deep for a pass from Blake Joseph, ran out of the back of the end zone into a band equipment cart parked just beyond the out-of-bounds line. The impact, captured by ESPN’s cameras, caused a compound fracture of Edwards’ right leg according to the Houston Chronicle.

Cougars coach Kevin Sumlin told the Chronicle that while he had “his opinions” on the subject, he would offer no comment on such a dangerous situation. Houston athletics director Dave Maggard said he will pursue the subject with Marshall officials.

Since Cougars’ coach Sumlin wouldn’t offer any specifics on “his opinions”, I’ll help him out. I’m not going to hold it against Marshall that they can’t afford a bigger stadium with more room. However, the least you can do is have the marching band move their shitty metal machinery more than five feet from the out of bounds line. I’m sure some band equipment manager has been told a thousand times not to leave the cart behind the endzone because a football player is going to run full speed into it and break his leg, and I’m sure the band dude always tells himself “the chances of that happening are slim to none” and sits his ass back down. Well, your luck ran out buddy and now a potential freshman All-American wide receiver may have lost his football career. If you think this kid will ever be the same, give Matt Herian a call. Heads will roll and I’ll be interested to see how far.


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