Odds to Win the National Championship

With the college football regular season coming to a crashing halt here in a few weeks, I thought now would be a good time to make some money off of Florida winning the National Championship. With thanks to our boyhood idols at VegasINSIDER.com, I was a little surprised to see I’ll only be getting 2/1 odds for Florida to win – not really worth it. I did, however, find some teams with some interesting odds in the table below. I took the liberty in adding the BCS rank to each team.

Florida (4)
6/1 2/1
Southern California (6)
3/1 2/1
Alabama (1)
50/1 5/2
Oklahoma (5)
6/1 4/1
Texas(3) 10/1 4/1
Texas Tech (2)
50/1 4/1
Penn State (8)
50/1 25/1
Ohio State (11)
8/1 40/1
Oklahoma State (13)
100/1 40/1
FIELD (ALL OTHERS) 40/1 40/1
Florida State (19)
60/1 100/1
Boise State (9)
150/1 100/1
Brigham Young (17)
60/1 100/1
Missouri (12)
10/1 100/1
Utah (7)
150/1 100/1
Texas Christian (18)
150/1 250/1

If you need to resort to the “FIELD” to find your team on this list, your team has zero – not 40/1 – odds at winning the National Championship. While superfans of each of the teams towards the bottom of the table can probably come up with some 8 or 9-way idiotic scenario of a way they can still win, I’ll be happy to save you time.

One of these five teams will win – Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, or USC. USC gets one chance to earn their right to the BCS Championship game – the Big XII Championship – but as of right now, they’re out. The other four teams are all locked in the championship provided they win out. If you feel like making a little money but want to play it safe, do this:

Bet $200 on Florida AND a $100 on Oklahoma.

  • If Florida wins, you win $300.
  • If Oklahoma wins, you win $200.

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