Thunder Collins Says No. I Say No. You Should Say No.


Thunder Collins, the former Husker running back charged with murder in Omaha, said Friday that he’s innocent and is confident that he’ll be acquitted.

Thunder Collins

“I was involved in a fistfight and other individuals started shooting, and a couple people got shot,” Collins said in his first interview since his arrest in September. “I didn’t have a firearm, and I didn’t shoot anybody.”

Collins also denied allegations that he had conspired with others to rob drug dealers and that such a plot had led to the shootings.

“I never seen no drugs at the scene or heard of any drugs,” Collins said. “I’ve never even seen kilos of cocaine in person in my life, only on ‘Scarface’ movies or something.”

…..Collins said allegations that he was involved in drugs “really kind of sat bad with me because I’m against cocaine, because, in my life, like with me growing up, crack cocaine really tore my family up. So I’m really against the whole cocaine situation.”

He said he has spoken to youth groups about avoiding drugs, so allegations that he would deal drugs make him “look like a hypocrite.”

“I came in the garage after I suspected some type of contraband was going on,” Collins said. He said he thought that something illegal like a gun sale was about to happen.

Inside the garage, someone was hammering on the SUV. Police say cocaine was hidden in a secret compartment in the rear fender.

Collins said he told the men, “If you’re doing anything that’s not right, don’t do it here.” He said that’s because he’s friends with Johnson’s family.

That led to the confrontation with Thomas, Collins said.

“He pushed me, and I hit him,” Collins said. “As we were fighting, shots were fired.”

I don’t even know where to begin here. Just as I was hoping that Thunder could save all of the Omaha youth from drugs, he goes and shoots someone. When he is not staring at kilos of cocaine while watching Scarface, Thunder can be found fighting crime in a garage near you. Give me a fucking break. Rule #1: When you are sitting in a jail cell in downtown Omaha on a felony drug charge, the last thing you do is talk to the media. Rule #2: When you talk about cocaine to the local media, claiming you have never even seen a kilo is kind of a big deal. It’s one thing to see a 8-ball or something, but a kilo? I’ll tell you this much though. I’d pay anything to see this guy give a lecture at an elementary school on the reasons why he is ‘against the whole cocaine situation.’ If Thunder can sell me on reasons I should not do drugs, then I can’t wait to see how he single handily takes down the state prosecutors.


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