Chase Daniel’s Girlfriend

From the Missourian:

“I hear the rumors,” (Blaire) Vandiver said. “It gets old. The people who matter know what kind of relationship we have.” And that relationship didn’t start how you might assume.

“I wanted nothing to do with him for the first three months,” she said. Vandiver, who is from Richmond, Mo., and is a year younger than Daniel, met him in June 2007 through a mutual friend.

“My roommate told me Chase Daniel was coming over, and I was like, ‘Cool. I don’t care,’” Vandiver said.

The quarterback came up to Vandiver’s room, where she was doing sit-ups on the floor.

“I wasn’t wearing makeup, and I had sweats on,” she recalled. “He starts showing me certain ab moves to do, and I’m like, ‘OK, this is awkward,’” she recalled.

Vandiver didn’t realize he was interested in her until she got a text message: “Hey this is Chase. Nice meeting you.” He had asked her roommate for Vandiver’s phone number that night.

Over the summer, the two spent time together in a group, going to the pool or eating at Taco Bell.

…“I love her,” Daniel said. “And she’s definitely one of the strongest, both mentally and emotionally, girlfriends I’ve had.”

Daniel’s mom said her son has had unsuccessful relationships with “clingy” girls who did not appreciate Daniel’s dedication to football.

“It takes a girl that has a lot of confidence in herself to date Chase,” Vickie Daniel said.

“It was never just me and him,” she said. “I wouldn’t let it be just me and him.”

Vandiver was not looking for a boyfriend at that point. She especially did not want to go out with the starting quarterback.

“I wasn’t ready for a relationship with him,” Vandiver said. “I didn’t want to be that girl dating Chase Daniel.”

Vandiver sits with Daniel’s mom, dad and sister every week because she says they are just as emotionally invested in the game as she is.

After the Colorado game, Vandiver waited outside the locker room with Daniel’s family while the quarterback signed autographs. She wore his father’s leather jacket to keep warm as she talked to his sister and friends.

“See, she doesn’t need to stand next to him right now,” Bill Daniel said. “She understands.”

“I’m not that type of girl. I don’t need to tell people I’m Chase’s girlfriend,” Vandiver said. “Chase knows I’m his girlfriend. That’s all that matters.”

…Vandiver said she initially hesitated about being interviewed and photographed for this story. With Daniel’s encouragement, she agreed.

Let me get right to the point here. I don’t like this girl’s motives one bit. Not only has she snowballed Chase, but apparently she has his mom and dad right where she wants them. What’s even worse is that Chase is using the “L” word when he talks about her. This chick is attention starved. Hesitant about doing this interview and being photographed by the Missourian? She wasn’t too hesitant when ESPN the Magazine called her for an interview. Mark this down: the minute Chase sees his draft stock plummet to the late rounds, she’s on the first train out of town. Chase, you know I’m not your biggest fan, but when I feel like you need some life advice, I’ll be happy to help here. Run, baby, run!!


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