Casey Dick’s Girlfriend

Actually, it’s his fiancee, Felicia. Arkansas quarterback Casey Dick has had a pretty good run the last few years. First, he stumbles across this little southern belle while in rehab for a back injury in 2006. Next, later that same year, Mitch Mustain transfers to USC leaving the QB job all his for his final two years. Casey Dick might not end up as the most high-profile collegiate QB, but the one thing you can never take away from him is that his girlfriend is hotter than Sam Keller’s girlfriend, Tim Tebow’s fake girlfriend, Colt McCoy’s girlfriend, and Chase Daniel’s girlfriend.

Said Felicia about when she first met Casey at the clinic, “I remember thinking that he had big ears and I really wanted to rub them! I have a huge ear fetish and I like to rub peoples ears when they are cold. I know call his ears “my refrigerators.””

And one of Felicia’s 10 things she loves about Casey: “I love it when he lets me rub his ears when I am tired.”

For the engagement album in its digital slide show entirety, you’ll want to click here.

The moral of this story is size does matter.


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