Take the Double Extra Points: Bowl Extravaganza

Season: 55-47-1 ATS (54%)
Double Extra Lock: 9-3 ATS (75%)

It’s that time of year again to entertain our gambling friends for a few straight weeks with our Bowl Extravaganza. Our ‘Double Extra Lock’ was stellar this year as it hit a whopping 75% of the time. We’ll try to preview and pick each and every game on a weekly basis as the bowl season goes on as well as give you a few reasons to watch or not watch. The ‘Double Extra Lock’ will be done whenever a pick like Saturday afternoon’s game presents itself and begs us to take it.

As I mentioned, new this year is the ‘XtraWatchabilityPoint’ for this year’s bowl games done by our one and only game critic, A. Rose. The games will be ranked in line with the watchability factor of dancers at five Las Vegas area clubs. From worst to first, they are the Glitter Gulch, Cheetah’s, Olympic Gardens, Scores, and the Spearmint Rhino. For example, the ’06 USC/Texas title game would have been Spearmint Rhino material at 11pm on a Saturday night. You have one eye trained on the girl giving you a lap dance and another on the stage at all times.


Glitter Gulch =

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December 20, 2008

Wake Forest (-3) over Navy: This is the first time in over half a century that Wake Forest is playing the same team twice in the same season. On September 27, Navy went to Wake and defeated the then #16 ranked Demon Deacons 24-17, which happened to be only one week after Wake beat Florida State. Suffering from a big hangover and trying to deal with the triple option was something Wake wasn’t ready for. Having seen the same triple option already this season, having better athletes, and having almost a month to get ready for this revenge game clearly gives Wake the advantage here.
XtraWatchabilityPoint: This is Cheetah’s at 7pm on a Thursday. If you are getting killed on the tables, you might as well check it out, but don’t expect Lanny Barbie to be a featured dancer. Somewhat watchable, but you won’t be tipping the VIP guy anytime soon for some “privacy” at this place.

Memphis (+13) over South Florida: I bet you’re dying for a statistic right about now. Since 1996, underdogs by more than 12 points that don’t play on New Year’s Day or after have covered 9 out of the last 11 games. That’s 82% of the time according to my abacus. The South Florida Bulls get rewarded for losing 4 of their last 5 games (straight up) by making a 20 minute commute down Interstate 275 to Tropicana Field for their bowl game. Although Memphis finished the season at 6-6, they were competitive in every game even with their 3rd and 4th string quarterbacks for much of the season. The talented Tigers should be healthy here and will no doubt be much more excited to play in this one than their counterparts.
XtraWatchabilityPoint: A solid Cheetah’s Tuesday afternoon game. You have to be a complete degenerate to hit up this place during the daylight, knowing you’ll walk away a little disturbed from the bruises you are about to witness, but at least it’s not Fremont Street. And they have video poker.

BYU (+3.5) over Arizona: Talk about your all-time bad luck. What are the odds that in your first bowl game in over a decade you get to go to Sin City and play against a team of Mormons? Nothing against Mormons, but while the playboys from Arizona are going to be enjoying their time roaming the slot machines at 3 a.m., the Cougars are going to be enjoying their game preparation. The Mountain West was an astonishing 6-1 vs. the Pac-10 this year and BYU has beaten the Pac-10 the last 5 out of 6 times. Arizona did have a very good year with close losses to USC and Oregon, but their last credible win came in early October vs. Cal. BYU’s QB Max Hall has completed 69.8% of his passes this year and should be ready to light up an Arizona defense giving up over 300 passing yards/game.
XtraWatchabilityPoint: Olympic Gardens on a Saturday night. You have to admit, you can still find a diamond in the rough, even at a few of the old hotspots. At least a few of girls look like surgically-enhanced Pi Phis from San Diego State dancing for book money, which you supplied for all four semesters of their junior and senior years.

December 21, 2008

Southern Miss (+4.5) over Troy: The oddsmakers haven’t underestimated the Sun Belt champions from Troy here. Two of their four losses came at Ohio State – where they outgained OSU in total yards – and at LSU – a game where they were leading 31-3 at one time. In only one game this season have the Trojans been outgained in total yards and that was at Oklahoma State. Troy’s backup QB Levi Brown has stepped in at the midpoint of the season and threw 14 TDs/3 Int while their pass defense has allowed less than 180 passing yards/game and only 20 points/game. After losing 5 straight this season, S. Miss rolled off 4 straight wins to end the year by winning by an average of 34-9. Junior RB Damion Fletcher, who has 6.0 yards/carry, and freshman QB Austin Davis, who has 21 TDs/8 Ints (only 2 Ints in his last 7 games), provide the Golden Eagles with the 21st best offense in college footballl. Also, be sure to keep an eye on true freshman WR DeAndre Brown, who has 12 TDs and a 200 yard receiving game under his belt, as he could be the difference maker here. Take the hotter team here + the points.
XtraWatchabilityPoint: You’re still at the Glitter Gulch at 4am on a Monday night? It’s only a matter of time before a 40-year Asian giving you a table dance decides to offer up a “sneak peak,” hopefully sending you back to the hotel until the Mandalay Bay topless pool opens at 9am.


DECEMBER 20, 2008
Fresno State (-2.5) over Colorado State: If you need an example of why there are too many bowl games, then look no further than the 2008 Colorado State Rams. Their best win of the season came in week 1 against Houston by 3 points at home. And after starting the season with a 4-6 record, they squeaked out wins over New Mexico and Wyoming to finish at 6-6 with an offense that barely scores over 20 points/game. It took Fresno until the 10th game of the year to finally cover a point spread – thus the low points here. Coach Pat Hill was passed over for yet another BCS conference job at Washington and his focus here will solely be on his young, talented team as they look ahead to next season. Take back all of those Christmas gift certificates you bought and tell Best Buy that you need to double down.
XtraWatchabilityPoint: I give this game a Glitter Gulch at 8pm on a Friday rating. The talent will definitely not amaze you and you are probably hoping for some better scenery, but hey, at least it’s their A-team manning the poles and you noticed that one girl doesn’t have C-section scars.


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