Take the Double Extra Points: Super Bowl Extravaganza

College Bowl Season: 17-13 ATS (57%)
Double Extra Lock: 13-4 ATS (76%)

First off, sorry we haven’t been around for the past week. Starting next week, we will be back with more of the same. That will include a survey of what you want more of. It’s a tough life being a Nebraska blogger and it’s tougher knowing what the readers that pass by here want.

However, I feel like I owe it to everyone that has been taking our advice this year on our ‘Double Extra Locks‘ to make a few Super Bowl picks for you at the last minute. When I get the time, I will dissect that 13-4 record vs. the spread that we had this year. Feel free to go back to the DXP archives and check for yourself. It was a good year.


2009 Super Bowl 43 Betting Over/Under 46.5

Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin’s best move as a head coach was retaining the great Dick LeBeau as defensive coordinator. Ken Whisenhunt’s – who was the offensive coordinator for the Steelers for 3 years – best move as a head coach – because of this game – was the hiring of OL Russ Grimm, who makes up a total of 8 assistant coaches that once coached at Pittsburgh under Bill Cowher or Mike Tomlin. Grimm knows Lebeau’s hectic defensive scheme and will have Kurt Warner prepared.

Super Bowl XLII could come down to the Steelers shutting down the Cardinals’ offense dynamo in Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerlad is the ressurection of Jerry Rice as he has defeated his record for post-season receiving yards (419), while having 1,431 yards and 12 TD’s this season.

Steeler’s WR Nate Washington and WR Santonio Holmes might be the receivers you need to remember after this. Washington is the #4 receiver for the Steelers, he did have 46 receptions this season with a 14.8 yard/average while Holmes had 59 receptions and a 15.5 yard/average. And althougy ou shouldn’t sleep on former Texas WR Limas Sweed either, don’t forget Heinz Ward and Heath Miller – the two most underrated players at their position in the NFL.

Remember the question about how big of hands college quarterbacks have? Check this one out. “Super Bowl footballs are different than regular-season and playoff footballs because they have more paint on them from decals and logos. Equipment men also aren’t given the extra time during the week to break in all the balls that will be used in the game. It‘s not the easiest thing to grip in the world and [quarterbacks] are the only position that has to deal with it on a constant basis,” Roethlisberger said.

And with the same article – this time referring to referees, “Referee Terry McCauley will be calling the game, leading an all-star group of officials that rated as the best in 2008. His presence could dictate a lower-scoring game. McCauley is a very good official and has Super Bowl experience. His regular-season games averaged a total of 41.93 points, the sixth lowest among the 17 referees and a little more than two points per game below the league average. Over the past three years, though, his games averaged 39.36 points, the lowest average among the 17 referees. The Cardinals win shootouts. The Steelers win lower-scoring games.


Pittsburgh (-6.5) over Arizona: Big Ben has been there and done that. Remember what the Eagles did to the Cardinals in the second half of the NFC Championship? Remember that. The Steelers are better coached and have more talent.

UNDER 46.5:
No way this is under 40. Not even close. Don’t think for a second that Kurt Warner has more than 2 touchdowns and Ben Roethlisberger has more than 2 touchdowns. Not going to happen. Combine the two touchdowns and take a few field goals and you are still breathing easy.

Who are you betting on Super Bowl XLIII?
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