Mike Ekeler Remains Grounded In Nebraska

South Florida coach Jim Leavitt has decided not to jump on Mike Ekeler as his new defensive coordinator. Although Ekeler interviewed last Saturday and was thought to be a leading candidate, Leavitt will offer the Bulls’ opening to Illinois co-defensive coordinator Dan Disch. Disch, who was in his fourth year at Illinois, coached with Ron Zook at Florida and was a longtime high school coach in Jacksonville, FL, where he is considered to be an ace recruiter. Disch will be replacing 67-year-old Wally Burnham, who took the same job at Iowa State to coach with newbie Paul Rhoads. Burnham is considered to be a great catch for Rhoads at Iowa State as he has worked 23 seasons at Florida State, South Carolina, and South Florida and has one National Championship ring with the Seminoles.

This all means that Head Cheerleader/Assistant Coach/Linebackers Coach Mike Ekeler won’t be going anywhere for the 2009 season. Okay Ekeler, since you are no longer going anywhere, why don’t you head down to the local tattoo parlor and have ‘David Oku’ temporarily inked to your forehead kind of like you did with Will Compton. It’s the least you can do after threatening to leave.


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