USC Song Girls to Star in ‘Hot Girls In Scary Places’

The entertainment industry has brought us great televisions shows in the past – The Honeymooners, M*A*S*H, Cheers, Seinfeld, The Sopranos – and some god-awful television shows in the past – The Michael Richards Show, Full House, the XFL, The Brady Bunch Hour – but never anything quite like this. Circle your calendar for Friday the 13th in March because you’re not going to want to miss a television show that is going to be so bad but so worth watching.

The brilliant marketing people at E! Entertainment have decided to take scary television to a whole new level with the show, “Hot Girls In Scary Places.” The premise of the show is to take three USC Song Girls and place them in an abandoned hospital that is claimed to be haunted and have them investigate creepy shadows and mysterious noises throughout the night. And if it can’t get any scarier, E! will pay the three girls $10,000 if they can complete a series of challenges. Yikes!

“They’re totally scared, and totally believe experiences they’re going through,” says executive producer Gary Auerbach. “They’ll get scared and then be talking about a sorority party coming up. It’s a little bit ‘Scooby Doo‘-ish.”

The show on March 13th will be a special/backdoor pilot meaning that its either going to be a one and done thing or it will be picked up for several more episodes that will feature new spooky buildings located presumably somewhere in the middle of Hollywood. I figure for as much as the Song Girls have brightened even our darkest days in following college football, the least we can do is watch in hopes that it serves as some kind of way to pay them back.

I’m still unsure exactly who all three of the girls are. We know two of them well, but the blonde is a giant question mark.

One of the girls is definitely Lindsey Grubbs

Another one is definitely a pool party Song Girl

I’ll be sure to keep up with the breaking news on the blonde as it happens.


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