Fat Man, Little Boy, and Andre Smith

Has anyone in the history of the NFL draft blew up like Andre Smith? His stock has dropped faster than Citigroup’s. Once projected as the top overall pick in the upcoming draft, Smith suddenly up and left last month’s combine in Indianapolis, burning millions in guaranteed money in the process.

Apparently Smith left the combine for good reason after seeing the results from a private workout for NFL scouts at his Pro Day this week. His 40-second dash time of 5.28 seconds was not impressive, and his 19 reps on the 225 lb bench press are an embarrassment. To put that in perspective, 185 lb Florida WR Percy Harvin put up 19 reps. How does a 335 lb lineman lift the same amount as a WR?

Observers said not one of Smith’s numbers at the Pro Day would have put him anywhere near the top-10 at the combine. The reality of his draft situation is that Smith could be looking at not even being picked on the first day, let alone the first round, let alone the top pick. After being suspended for the Sugar Bowl by Coach Saban, it’s been nothing short of a downward spiral for Smith.

If it’s any consolation Andre, you will still be a couple notches above Maurice Clarett.


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