Hunter Lawrence’s Girlfriend

Who is Hunter Lawrence you ask? He is the place-kicker for the Texas Longhorns who apparently loves to kick long both on and off the field. Although I’m not real sure about his girlfriend, Meaghan, I do know that she rates up there with any of the girlfriends I’ve shown you before as far as looks go. Supposedly, the fine people at Busted Coverage got their hands on these photos of Meaghan and Hunter in action through ways I’m not sure they want anyone to really know. Either way, they still got them.

First things first though. Since it has been way too long since I’ve plastered any pictures of girlfriends up on here, I’d thought it couldn’t hurt to refresh your minds a little so you have something to compare the lovely Meaghan to.

Sam Keller’s Girlfriend
Not Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend
Chase Daniel’s Girlfriend
Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend
Casey Dick’s Girlfriend
Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriends
Lane Kiffin’s Girlfriend Wife

Even though Hunter is a field goal kicker, you can clearly see he is outkicking his coverage on this one. I’m sure Mack Brown has a spot at punter with the name Hunter Lawrence written all over it for next season.


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