Scottie Pippen or Blake Griffin?

Scottie Pippen move over, you have company. No, I’m not referring to another top 5 selection in the upcoming NBA draft, although that’s a lock. I’m talking about Blake Griffin joining Pippen on the NBA’s all-time, all-ugly team after his rookie season in ’09-’10. I don’t think I’ve seen such a brutal face since I saw Eric Stoltz light up the screen in Mask, not the Jim Carrey version.

Don’t get me wrong, Blake Griffin is an absolutely beast on the hardwood, but can’t CBS digitally alter his face or something? The techonolgy has been out for years. Everytime I watch Gangland on the History Channel, there is at least one guy whose face is altered to conceal his identity.

When a guy who looks like a mix between The Predator and Carrot Top looks like the #1 draft choice, scouts take notice. And Oklahoma, I’m not just saying this because Sam Bradford looks like Fu from The Golden Child either. Let’s face it, Christopher Nolan could’ve saved millions by casting OU athletes as Harvey Two-Face in The Dark Knight, instead of spending on make up. You are some ugly human beings.


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