Ode to UConn

So that son of a bitch Dan Wetzel over at Yahoo Sports is trying to throw Jim Calhoun and the Huskies off their game with this BS story about 24 hours before their Sweet 16 game with Purdon’t. I’ll have you know Dan, that just because you have UConn losing to Memphis in your tourney bracket doesn’t mean you can write a story about some recruiting violations from 3 years ago on the eve of the biggest game of UConn’s season thusfar. There’s a little something called “journalistic integrity” you obviously know nothing about. Who does this guy think he is, Ed Bradley? You write for Yahoo Sports. If you had any journalistic talent don’t you think the guys at SI or ESPN would’ve come calling by now? Even those morons at DXP wouldn’t hire you (yes, we shredded your worthless resume and please stop sending it to us.)

Over here at DXP, integrity is our motto. And I will admit, I too have Memphis beating UConn for a Final Four spot. Does that mean you see me digging up phone records from some washed out recruit from 3 years ago? The kid didn’t even play a single game for UConn. There’s a time and a place, and it’s called “after the season ends” to start slinging mud.

Didn’t that douchebag Dan Wetzel see this clip of Calhoun tearing apart a journalist after a comment about Calhoun’s salary? “Get some facts and then come back and see me.” The guy writes a check for $15 million to the university every year, so don’t think he’s going to be intimited by some phone records.

After that idiot from Yahoo Sports put this story out, I will be pulling for the Huskies to win it all.

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