Prison Has Not Been Kind To Michael Vick

Michael Vick is officially on another planet. According to a story at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the disgraced quarterback who holds the all-time record for fantasy QB draft busts says he is hoping to earn $10 million per year upon release from sabbatical in Federal Prison. $10 million……..per year.

Please tell me that Vick is just kidding. Did the ASPCA sign him to a Great Dane-sized endorsement deal? I hope he’s not counting on special appearances during the offseason at Petco Park. Maybe Vick was channeling alter-ego Ron Mexico and really meant 10 million pesos per year? Even that amount is highly unlikely.

Maybe in an alternate universe there’s a chance to make Peyton Manning money for a guy with a QB rating of 75. But on the planet Earth, some team in desparate need of a backup QB, hoping Vick still can run a little after a 3-year hiatus will take a chance on him……….for the veteran league minimum, which is about $9.4 million less than $10 million.

I still haven’t heard what the NFL is planning to do with all those Vick jerseys yet.


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