Show Me The Money

Yesterday, Bo Pelini and the entire staff were given salary increases bringing Bo’s salary to $1.851 million, up about 68% from the $1.1 million he received last season. The original contract was also extended one season through 2013. All of Bo’s assistants received significant raises, including Shawn Watson’s bump to $375,000 per year.

After hearing about how bad the economy is tanking right now and the thousands losing their jobs on a daily basis, as well the hundreds of thousands taking pay cuts around the nation, it’s good to see there’s a profession immune to the downturn. In fact after John Calipari officially signs what’s rumored to be a 8-year, $35 million deal to coach Kentucky’s basketball program, college sports appears to have zero impact from economic factors. 8 years, $35 million?

I think we are all happy for Bo and his staff. Last season was a major improvement and considering the insane pay of the rest of the Big 12 head coaches, Osborne likely felt he had to give some raises. Reading his comments, it seems as if Osborne would rather make a move now instead of waiting for a few years, when the average pay for a Big 12 head coach could approach GM bailout money. As an AD, Osborne is looking to secure the future of the program but said “I’m hoping we don’t have to redo this every year.”

In other words, TO probably wonders what the hell happened to salaries after he left the game after winning a National Title in ’07 with a $150,000 base. In retrospect, you have to feel for TO. He probably feels like a 12-year old kid in Vietnam making Nikes for $3 a week.

Pelini said that he “is very appreciative of the commitment Coach Osborne…has made” and let’s hope that means stability among Pelini’s staff and a long tenure at Nebraska. I don’t think anyone in this state would complain if Pelini gets paid Bob Stoops money with similar consistent results on the field every season.

That being said, when does it end? College athletes are still students and the overwhelming majority don’t have a chance at the pro level. In other words, to you college seniors receiving a degree in May with hopes to find a job in this economy, good luck to you. Although the success on the field might help a little in securing a full-time job for your average student-athlete, it’s good to know your coaches are reaping some benefits.


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