Meet Anterio Sloan

Joining 4* OL Andrew Rodriguez in Nebraska’s 2010 recruiting class is 4* CB Anterio Sloan from West Helena, Arkansas – who committed on Sunday. For his rivals profile, click here. For his scout profile, click here.

Nebraska wasn’t even in the picture before, Sloan said. “It was Kentucky or Texas A&M, and I was trying to figure out and balance both. Nebraska came in and outdid both of them.” (At least he said ‘outdid’ and not ‘outbid.’) Sloan’s decision was comprised of two things. One being his conversations with Marvin Sanders and the other being UNL’s pharmacy program.

At around 5’9 and 170 lbs. depending on who you want to believe, it’s fair to say he isn’t blessed with great size. However, after watching the following video, you can figure out quickly that this kid has serious talent to go along with an extremely high football IQ.

(you’ll absolutely want to crank up your stereo speakers for this one)

Nice job Bo. Starting off a strong 2 for 2 this early in recruiting definitely isn’t going to hurt moving forward.


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