Joba Chamberlain’s DUI Arrest Video

Leave it to The Smoking Gun to unearth this video clip from Joba Chamberlain’s DUI arrest in Lincoln back in October.

Trooper Michael Grummert was simply doing his job when he pulled over Joba, who was driving over 70 mph in a 55 mph zone with an open bottle of Crown Royal buckled into the passenger seat. However, that doesn’t mean Grummert couldn’t find time for a little one-on-one with the Yankee star.

Some of the Joba’s more interesting insights in the video regarding New York after buddying up to Grummert…

and I go (to Charles??), “hey do you wanna come hang out at my house and have a good time?” And he goes, “oh let me look at the schedules.” And I go, “well when are you going to know?” And he goes, “the only time that’s good is football Saturday.” I go, “what?” And he goes, “yeah I heard the only time in Nebraska is football Saturday.” And I go, “well football Saturday is great.” And he goes, “what else is good?”

the biggest thing I’ve noticed driving here from there is if you let somebody in they’ll open the window and say thank you. In New York, they might hit you. It’s a joke.

and Yogi comes in every couple days and he goes, I go, “Yogi, what the f*ck are you doing here?” … “You know what, it’s too cold for my old ass to be in here.” … And he goes, “why the f*ck are you next to the training room?” – that’s where they put me. No bullshit, he might not be as tall as the front of your door.

The reason MLB and the New York media is taking this story far beyond what it should is simply to take some of the heat off of more serious matters confronting baseball such as the performance enhancing drugs that Alex Rodriguez was shooting up with. Joba has already been sentenced and this story should be left behind for other more important matters. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the hell out of this video first.

Joba is scheduled to start this Saturday, April 11th, in Kansas City at 7:05. No word yet if Yogi Berra will be catching him.


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