Bo Pelini and Gary Pinkel Talk Football

Leave it to Big Head from the Mizzourah! blog to come up with something like this. And although most of the readers here at DXP – including me – will strongly disagree with pretty much 99.9% of his carefully constructed dialogue, it’s still worth a good laugh. Apparently, Mizzourah! bloggers and readers are already starting to take exception to the lovefest the national media has been giving Pelini and the Huskers.

In this scene, Bo Pelini enters Gary Pinkel’s office sometime post spring game. Roll it…

There you have it. The gauntlet has been laid. And since I will be spending the next 6 days scouting the girls of the Big 10 in Bloomington, IN for next season’s Poon-per Bowl, I challenge anyone to go to the Xtranormal site and see if you can come up with something better. Create anything that has to do with the Big XII, send it to my email with your name, and I’ll get your movie posted up here. Be creative, funny, and kind of clean.


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