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More Of Chase Daniel’s Girlfriend: Blaire Vandiver

May 30, 2009

Let me preface this by saying that just because Chase Daniel is no longer at Missouri, that still won’t take away my lasting impressions of him: the hat, the chest bumps, the Twitter fights, the booger thing, the false claim that an “unknown” Nebraska player spit on him, etc., etc., etc. However, I will always envy him in one department, which is having a smoking hot girlfriend.

Anyways, apparently Chase #1 is still dating Blaire Vandiver. If you recall, Blaire has graced the homepage here before, and since it’s the slow time of year, she’s going to do it again.

First time – click here.
Second time – click here.

Smokeshow coming right up below. *Much thanks for these, Yowza.*

Solid work, Blaine #1. Oops, I meant Chase #1.

Fittest College Football Coaches

May 25, 2009

If you are looking for Smokeshows, then come back tomorrow….

This isn’t exactly the Poon-per Bowl, but I do like to appeal to all of the readers here. If any ladies are reading this, then help me out. Bo is ahead of Pete Carroll on the hottness scale? I don’t play for that team, but if I did, I’d take Pete anyday over Bo.

1. Mario Cristobal, Florida International
2. Kyle Whittingham, Utah
3. Larry Fedora, Southern Miss
4. Ron Zook, Illinois
5. Randy Shannon, Miami
6. Bo Pelini, Nebraska
7. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma
8. Tom O’Brien, NC State
9. Pete Carroll, USC
10. Ron English, Eastern Michigan

For the analysis, check out Bruce’s list at ESPN.

Kansas State Promotional Video

May 25, 2009

I didn’t think I was going to laugh at this, but I did….

FYI – Jon Wefald is the President at Kansas State who evidently knew nothing about the $3.2 million dollar hand shake that took place between Ron Prince and Bob Krause.

When College Football Coaches Go Bad

May 22, 2009

The Bleacher Report posted an interesting take today on their ‘The 11 Worst College Football Coaching Performances of the 21st Century.’ Somehow, I knew I’d come running across a familiar name to Nebraska fans and surely enough, there he was sitting at #4.

Said the author about Bill Callahan: ‘Twenty-two losses in four years. Legendary Cornhusker coach Bob Devaney lost only 20 games in his entire career at Nebraska. Frightening.’

Here’s a look at the list:

11. John L. Smith, Michigan State
10. Ron Zook, Florida
9. Dennis Franchione, Texas A&M
8. Mike Shula, Alabama
7. John Mackovic, Arizona
6. Mike DuBose, Alabama
5. Ed Orgeron, Mississippi
4. Bill Callahan, Nebraska
3. Gary Crowton, Brigham Young
2. Greg Robinson, Syracuse
1. Ty Willingham, Washington

Of course, this list is very subjective. Greg Robinson and Tyrone Willingham definitely deserve the 1 and 1A spots here. After that, take your pick. However, the coaches here all come from BCS schools (except BYU) where expectations are higher than the rest of the D-1 schools.

I’m a little surprised that there was no mention of Dave Wannstedt, who despite having talent is sitting at a disappointing 25-23 overall. Former San Diego State coach Chuck Long surely deserved a top 10 spot here as well. Long, the former OU assistant, propelled the Aztecs to a 9-27 record over three years including a 2-10 record in his final season in 2008. And if you are going to throw in Bill Callahan, Ron Zook, and Ed Orgeron in this list, then surely former UCLA coach Karl Dorrell deserves a spot right next to them. Callahan was 27-22 at Nebraska with two bowl games and one conference championship game while Dorrell was 35-27 in 5 seasons at UCLA, with a winning record in conference play in only one season. Sylvester Croom was 10-30 in SEC play and 21-38 overall in five painstaking years for Mississippi State fans.

As far as the future holds, I can see a few candidates closer to home to keep an eye on for this list. Texas A&M’s Mike Sherman went 2-6 in conference play in his first season and 4-8 overall. With a reloaded Big 12 in 2009, I see Sherman struggling to get 2 wins in conference play again this season. Auburn’s Gene Chizek went 5-19 in two seasons at Iowa State and 2-14 in conference play. If he matches that at Auburn, then it’s going to be a long, long time before he sees a heading coaching gig again. Then there’s Lane Kiffin, who is 0-0 thus far in his college football coaching career. However, I see a colossal disaster written all over Neyland Stadium in the years to come.

All in all, it’s definitely a fun list to look at it. And not surprisingly, many of the names above have one common denominator – the NFL.

Joe Ganz Out In Washington

May 21, 2009

From the Washington Post:

“Former Nebraska quarterback Joe Ganz, recently brought in for a tryout, was not signed by the Redskins. Jason Campbell, Todd Collins, Colt Brennan and rookie Chase Daniel are the quarterbacks on the roster with the second set of organized team activities set for June 1-4.”

Barring something unforeseen, this will probably end Ganz’ football career as a player. I think it is fair to say that Ganz’ career certainly had its ups and downs. Not many (including myself) ever thought he would come all the way from Sam Keller’s back-up to the MVP of the Gator Bowl. Best of luck in the future, Joe.

Grimace Ron Prince Cashes In

May 21, 2009

When Kansas State fired Ron Prince last November, it was reported that his buyout was a measly $1.2 million. Not a bad price to send a controversial coach who went 17-20 overall and 9-15 in conference play far, far away.

The Kansas City Star is now reporting that the $1.2 million isn’t all that Prince will be receiving from Kansas State. Prince, who is now an assistant back at Virginia, is scheduled to receive an extra $3.2 million in payments from 2015 through 2020 – making the grand total a cool $4.4 million. Kansas State officials have said that this was a “secret agreement” that was signed last August by Ron Prince and Bob Krause – K-State’s former athletic director.

Kansas State officials, who claim to have known nothing about this agreement, have filed a lawsuit to nullify the agreement, citing that “the university and its athletic corporation seek to invalidate the pact because it alleges that Prince’s agent/lawyer negotiated directly with Krause and not through the university’s lawyers.” In addition, the university claims that this agreement was a breach of ethics.

Krause, who resigned Wednesday as director of development for K-State’s Olathe Innovation Campus (at President Jon Wefald’s request), was given the A.D. position in February of 2008 because then-athletic director Tim Weiser (now Big 12 deputy commissioner) ‘refused to give Prince a raise and increased buyout.’ Krause stepped down from the A.D. position last January.

Said Max Urick, K-State’s athletic director from 1993 to 2001,“I would have not even thought of doing a deal like that, and I don’t think I would have been able to. A sum of that size, that’d have to have been seen by more than one set of eyes. I’m flabbergasted.”

Said Jon Wefald, “This happened on my watch. I appointed Bob Krause to be athletic director. …I regret deeply and apologize that this happened while I was president.”

I would agree that it should be difficult for an agreement like this to occur without the knowledge of ANYONE other than the lawyers between Prince and Krause. The fact of the matter is that it did and whether or not Wefald and the university can stop this payment will remain to be seen. Regardless, this unfortunate incident did happen on Wefald’s watch as he said, and therefore, he should be taking some of the responsibility here. Simply put, this is a disaster for the university and its athletic department and an incident like this will surely open some eyes across college campuses from here on out – as it should.

Look at the bright side, Wildcat fans. Coach Prince was your gift that kept on giving – I mean taking – the whole decade.

Ralph Friedgen: The Biggest Loser

May 21, 2009

Since last October, Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen has trimmed down from 401 pounds to 315 pounds (read here). Pretty impressive when you consider his doctors told him that he wouldn’t be able to exercise until he lost 50. “People couldn’t tell I lost a pound,” Friedgen said. “It was like throwing a chair off the deck of the Titanic.”

Good for Ralph. If you expect your players and coaches to buy into your conditioning and practicing regimens, then you should hold yourself somewhat accountable as well. Friedgen’s goal is to eventually lose 150 lbs., which would put him at a much leaner 250 lbs. I’m certainly not here to tell anyone how to live their life, but the question that needs to be asked now is when will Mark Mangino follow Friedgen’s lead and start taking his health seriously and lose weight not only for himself, but for everyone else involved with the Kansas football program?

Nebraska Catches Keeston Terry

May 15, 2009

4* wide receiver Keeston Terry (6’3, 185 lbs.) of Blue Springs, MO becomes the 4th commit in Nebraska’s 2010 recruiting class.

For his Scout profile, click here. For his Rivals profile, click here.

As a junior, Terry caught 49 passes for 900 yards to go along with 500 yards rushing on fewer than 100 attempts. Terry was also offered by Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Stanford and was being recruited by Oklahoma and Tennessee.

For a 5 minute highlight video of Terry’s junior season, click here.

To watch him accept his prestigious Davenport Heating & Cooling All Star Player of the Week trophy, check out the video below. In this game, Terry caught six passes for 169 yards and three touchdowns and had two interceptions in the 4th quarter. (An interesting note to this game was that Terry faced off with Marcus Lucas, who is another highly touted wide receiver from Liberty, MO that is being heavily recruited by Nebraska, Missouri, and Oklahoma among others.) No word yet on where Keeston Terry will keep his Davenport Trophy while he’s at Nebraska, although one could only assume it will sit somewhere safely locked in a case near the Heisman and Walter Camp sections.

For the video of Terry accepting the Davenport Trophy – click here.

Athlon Sports Top 25 Countdown: Nebraska #16

May 14, 2009

The Athlon Sports Top 25 countdown for the college football season landed on Nebraska at #16 today. For the link, click here.

Said the authors:

“Bo Pelini is an Ohio native and an Italian with about as good a chance of finding authentic meatballs and gravy in Lincoln as Bill Callahan does getting elected governor of Nebraska. But in one year with the Huskers, Pelini did what Callahan couldn’t — give the Husker faithful the sense that a return to prominence was possible.

By winning nine games and knocking off Clemson in the Gator Bowl, Pelini fulfilled the mandate given to him by AD, former Congressman and resident legend Tom Osborne to make Nebraska football matter again. Pelini embraced the school’s long-time walk-on policy. He committed to running the football and playing nasty, Blackshirt defense. None of that West Coast offense stuff for him.”

Nebraska came in ahead of teams such as #17 LSU, #18 Cincinnati, #19 North Carolina, #20 Michigan State, #21 Utah, #22 Georgia Tech, #23 Iowa, #24 Notre Dame, and #25 Oregon State. Initially, I thought #16 might be pushing it. However, when looking at the teams behind us, I think it is fair to say that we are more talented -except for LSU – and just as well coached – probably better – than any. It will be interesting to see where Nebraska lands when the Coaches and AP polls come out late this summer.

If we are a Top 20 team and can pull off the upset in Blacksburg against Virginia Tech, then get ready to embrace a team hovering around the Top 10. Needless to say, our perception on a national scale would be further improved, which is important on many different levels.

Remember the last few times Nebraska was in the Top 10? Try 2002 when Penn State blasted us 40-7 and 2003 when Missouri blasted us 41-20.

Remember the last time Nebraska defeated a Top 10 team? Try October 27, 2001 when Nebraska defeated Oklahoma 20-10.

We’ve been waiting too long.

Greg Paulus Bleeds Syracuse Orange

May 14, 2009

Junior college transfer Duke graduate Greg Paulus has decided to attend Syracuse next fall. The former Gatorade Player of the Year will battle redshirt freshman Ryan Nassib for the starting QB position this fall. Paulus will also apply to get into Syracuse’s Newhouse School of Communications, which many consider the best in the field, where he wants to further study broadcast journalism and one day sit behind the same desk and attend the same karoake bars as Stuart Scott.

Each place was unique, but in my heart, I just felt that Syracuse was the place for me,” Paulus told “It’s a chance to go home and make a difference. I’m excited about trying to re-energize the Syracuse program. It’s a pretty neat thing.”

Paulus’ decision couldn’t have surprised me less. Would I have liked to see him come to Nebraska this fall? Absolutely. Not only would he provide extra exposure for our university and football program, but he would have added depth behind Zac Lee which more than likely would have allowed Cody Green or Latravis Washington to redshirt. Now, I can’t see the coaches having the luxury of redshirting any of the quarterbacks, especially with Kody Spano’s injury and subsequent return unknown. That being said, you can’t blame Paulus for returning to his home state of New York, for wanting to attend the best graduate school he could, and for wanting a chance to actually play football in the fall instead of experiencing it from the sidelines in Lincoln.